Here is the reality of life: CHANGE IS HARD

It was only 7 years ago that I lay on my back, half way up a mountain in Merribel, France, fighting to simply breathe. Just moments before I had launched myself, on a snowboard, at full speed up the wall of a half pipe.

This was something I had been doing multiple times a day for the past 5 days in a row. Yet on this, the final day of the family ski trip I had neglected to pay attention to the conditions before me.Under the easter sun the ice had softened and the wall of the half pipe had become undercut and angled the wrong way. This meant that with enough speed I would get launched not only vertically but also AWAY from the wall.

Which was exactly what happened.

And for a moment there as time slowed down I realised I was in deep trouble yet powerless to alter the outcome.

I will never forget that feeling.

What followed was a 15ft fall onto impacted snow and force great enough to create two significant compression fractures.

As I lay there winded, fighting for what seemed to be an eternity to get my breath back, I remember thinking, “thank god I can move my legs.”It took me around 30 minutes to regain normal breathing and 3 hours of walking and sliding to make my way back to chalet .

To everyones surprise just six weeks later I had made what appeared to be a ‘full recovery’. At least on the surface.

Over the months and years that followed, as I got busier and the demand for my services exploded, I experienced the grip of a gradually worsening back pain and tension. It felt as if my both my head and my spine where caught in a vice, and every day that passed it was tightened another notch.

It got to the point where most days I would lye on the floor for an hour after work because that was the only way I could get relief.

After just 10km on the bike my back would spasm and after any sort of gym routine my entire spine would lock up resulting in a headache that would mean an early end to that particular day.

Life had become miserable.

Yet do you want to know the curious part of all of this?

I could handle the pain and discomfort.

I could push through and continue working. I could still compete in triathlons if I was willing to pay the price.

What did affect me deeply, what I found almost impossible to accept was the fact that just about everyone I reached out to for help,

The best chiropractors, acupuncturists, masseuses, physios, personal trainers, all made it worse.

Every time I was adjusted my diaphragm would go into spasm, there would be a sharp pain and I felt like I was right back at the moment of injury again.

My reality at this time as people failed over and over again to help, forced me to confront the reality of my approach to spinal health care.

If my colleges are making this worse, and they practice the same way as me, then I have to consider that I too may be failing to truly fix the spines of those people under MY care.

This was a hard pill to swallow.

Yet I have always held the conviction that chiropractic is not a belief system, it is a science.

If a spine gets damaged and put out of alignment then it must be possible, within reason to reverse that process and heal that spine. (Assuming that you have the correct knowledge and skills to do so).

And so I went in search of the ‘right way to fix bodies’.

Thousands of hours of studying, researching and attending seminars lead me to a radical new understanding of human bodies.

I had discovered the number one thing that goes wrong in bodies

and from that, the key to rebuilding them.

Yet I did not implement this straight away into my practice at SpineCentral.

When I first learned these concepts taught in Advanced Biostructural Correction that is all they were. Theory.

You see, there is a difference between learning and KNOWING.

And so in my quest for knowledge I used myself as a test animal and jumped headlong (safely this time) into the journey of Advanced Biostructural Correction.

For 18 months I diligently attended my chiropractic appointments and made the lifestyle changes requested of me.

Within the first few visits it was clear that this process did exactly what it says on the tin.

I could stand up straight without slumping, breath more deeply and the tension in my spine just melted away.

As the weeks rolled by my body gradually strengthened and corrected as I unwound through years of accumulated stress and injury.

Yet I won’t lie and tell you this process was always easy.

There are ups and downs as you progress through structural correction (“this is not a massage” – you might hear me say 😉

You have to be willing to take the rough with the smooth and trust and surrender to the process.

There have been multiple times over the last 2-3 years when I have wanted to stop (both in receiving and giving ABC care).

Yet I always come back to remember this point:


I want a body that works well. I want to reverse the damage of a misspent youth, I want to reach my full potential in health and life. I also want to continue practicing as a chiropractor until the day that I die!

You see by maintaining the vision of what you really want you will be able to navigate the rough seas of change and reach the paradise marked on the map.

Looking back over the past 7 years I have nothing but gratitude for the circumstances that life threw at me at the rich rewards that were gleaned as a result.

As I stand here writing this my body is completely pain free, I am as robust and flexible as I was at 18. This year alone I have completed both a half and full distance ironman triathlon, 8 hours of training with the US Navy Seals (that was rough), and adjusted a full patient list every day. All of the pain of the past is distant memory. I have to work hard to recall how bad things that gotten. Today I am excited about the future of my health and have a deep sense of calm in knowing that I am doing the right things to stack the health cards in my favour.

The dominating though for me when I reflect on all of this?

“Thank goodness I never gave up.”

I know that all of this and more is possible for you too.

Here’s the good news when it comes to structural correction:

You can lean on the certainty that ABC works consistently and predictably for rebuilding bodies.

And so,Here is a challenge for you as 2016 rolls to a close.

Send me an email.

I want you to share one thing with me.

I will read every single one and respond.

“What is the one thing that must change for YOU in YOUR health heading into 2017?”

and for a bonus point;

“Why is that important for you?”

Let me know at

The End.

Live In Alignment
Thrive At Life

Richard Gliddon
Wellness Chiropractor, Coach, Mentor

Founder of SpineCentral
Creator of the Wake Up Wellness Home Study Program

P.S. Your time is now. Change is coming in your health. The only question is, are you going to chose it or is it going to chose you?