The Posture and Perforce Formula™ is our unique four-step approach to correcting body structure problems and getting your back to your healthy best.

This approach is born off the back of 10+ years and thousands of hours of research into the fields of structural healthcare, performance, health and lifestyle.

With this approach in just 8 short weeks, you can experience improvements in your posture and performance and be armed with the tools and knowledge necessary to manage your lifestyle and create robust health, long-term.

Each of these 4 steps is a critical pivot point in your health.




Before you build anything it is critical to ensure that you have solid foundations.

The same is true for your health. This is why we invest significant time, energy, expertise and technology in accurately assessing your current state of health at the start. We need to know what specific imbalances your body and lifestyle have before we can tailor a specific plan to meet your needs.

Your initial consultation process will uncover all of the pertinent information required and ensure that this is the right place for you to get the results that you desire.




The quality of your posture and performance ultimately come down to the way that you are able to control your body while moving through life and sports.

Thanks to the stress of the modern world and the long-term effects of sport or sedentary lifestyles, it is common for people to walk develop muscular imbalances that may eventually lead to pain or injuries. Each client that we see is different, two people may have the same pain yet have very different causes of their problems.

There are many reasons why muscles can become tight or imbalanced and why movement patterns can become dysfunctional.

Correcting these soft tissue imbalances is an important step in fixing pain, restoring posture and avoiding relapses or injuries in the future.



Step 3: FORM

There is a neurological control system within every human being. This ‘innate’ or inborn wisdom affords the body the ability to manage itself. Meaning that there are internal systems that allow it to adapt to the majority of ‘stresses’ faced in day to day life.

Problems can arise when your body structure (bones and joints) get stressed in such a way that they can no longer self-correct. This happens to your posture when bones misalign in directions that the body can get stuck in. Rather than ‘fix’ these issues the body then ‘compensates’ to allow it to continue as best as it can.

The pain and injuries arise when your body can no longer continue to compensate for further problems because it has accumulated too much imbalance over the years.

At SpineCentral we use methods which address this very problem by getting to the root cause of poor posture and structural mechanical problems, allowing your body to realign back to normal.



Step 4: FUTURE

Regardless of what the problem is you can usually trace the original cause back to lifestyle. We are products of the way that we choose to live. The best science of today now clearly demonstrates that the number one cause of disease and the number one factor that determines both quality and quantity of life is: lifestyle.

Fortunately, there is a science to living the healthy lifestyle. There are common sense research-backed ways to navigate your way through the maze of conflicting advice and recommendations that are out there.

We have broken the process down into the Core 4 essential elements of lifestyle: The ways in which you EAT, MOVE, THINK and FUNCTION.

In order to truly thrive in the future and be true masters of our own health, we need to deeply understand these important areas and develop habits to sustain a natural level of health and operate at our best.

Our aim is to teach you the best, research-backed advice, habits and systems that we can uncover, allowing you to more easily manage your lifestyle to support great health for you and your family.