If you are suffering from frustrating back pain or recurrent sports injuries, then you are not alone. There is nothing more disappointing than pain or injury holding you back from performing at your best. Thankfully, modern breakthroughs in Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are proving to be an efficient and safe way to speed up the natural process of healing and get you back on your feet faster than ever before.

Injuries and back pain are widespread problems these days because we place a lot of demands upon the human frame which may have become misaligned and deconditioned due to sedentary living. Once you have an injury, the goal is to rebuild the injured tissues as soon as possible, to get out of pain and to get back to sports, life and work as quickly as possible.

The standard advice for injury treatment is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. There is a fair amount of evidence these days supporting that approach, and the advice still stands true. Yet LLLT provides a useful modality to support, speed up and enhance natural healing methods.

What Is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Low-Level Laser Therapy is an advanced light-based treatment that uses laser light energy machine to promote healing within the damaged or inflamed tissue. It is not the same kind of laser that burns or cuts, this is low energy laser light that stimulates the cells in a very safe way.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

At the SpineCentral Clinic in Hampton, we utilise laser therapy to help stimulate and accelerate the healing process within injured tissue. The use of light energy increases a cell’s ability to regenerate and heal, without causing any adverse effects or tissue damage.

Three specific wavelengths of infrared and UV light are applied directly to the painful or injured area, penetrating deep into the targeted tissue. By stimulating the muscle, nerve and connective tissue to regenerate, laser therapy has been shown to be especially useful for pain relief in those patients who are struggling to heal from their sports injuries.

Laser Therapy is also used to help speed up the healing process during your rest and recovery journey.

Healing Help for Many Conditions

If you are currently prevented from playing a sport due to one or more of the following injuries, laser therapy may help:

  • Contusions
  • Sprained or strained muscles
  • Tendonitis
  • Torn ligaments
  • Burns
  • Spinal and extremity injuries

We often find that patients experience better results when laser therapy is performed in conjunction with other therapies, such as a mechanical chiropractic adjustment. In certain cases where patients may be too acutely painful or tender to treat, such as in joint sprains, disc injuries or aggressive muscle spasms, we use laser therapy to calm down the inflamed or injured area prior to performing advanced chiropractic metproced uresoceedures.

Get Back in the Game!

If you’d like to learn more about how laser therapy at SpineCentral in Hampton can bring relief and healing and get you back to your athletic pursuits, then please contact us today!