“It goes without saying, anyone who is sitting on the fence, I’d say you’ve just got to do it, jump in with both feet, it’s entirely systematic, progressive. You start to see results straight away and ever visit you get that little bit better and closer to what your body should always have been, what is essentially your birthright. This is what we should be enjoying, and it’s just a shame that not enough people do.” – Oliver (Personal Trainer, Businessman, Energy Coach, Author)

“My health journey with SpineCentral has been incredible, I stand taller, I have control over my body and a lack of fear around using it. I feel like I have power over my health. I found out about what does and doesn’t work to make me healthy and happy” – Charlie (Head Chef)

“You feel fantastic after having this experience. It’s hard to describe just how much better you feel when you start coming to SpineCentral” – Ricardo (Personal Trainer and Musician)

“Given my past experience, I was sceptical at the start. Having been through the 90-day program I now feel stronger, more stable, more balanced and I’m not getting any pains in back or leg. All of the niggles I used to get from playing tennis are now gone as well. For me, this has been life changing. You don’t know how good you could be until you’ve tried this!” – Rob (Inventer and Entrepreneur)

“My back pain has massively diminished, I don’t have jarring pain in my shoulders anymore, I have more energy and I feel well in myself for the first time in a long time. I’m extremely glad that I committed to this form of chiropractic” – Heather

“My back become a lot more flexible and I was able to grab my foot from behind my head and pull it over, which was something I’d never been able to do before!” Bryony, Entrepreneur and Ballerina

“This has been nothing short of transformational” Anne, Ex-Welsh National Gymnast


Visible Results With Advanced BioStructural Correction

Sandra (46 yoa)

I am a medical doctor and applied Kinesiologist from Germany and got to know Richard at an international seminar, where he started treating me. Immediately I was so impressed by his techniques and his profound knowledge, that I came all the way from Germany to his clinic in order to be treated again. And it was definitely worth it! The way he applies both ABC and AK really is beyond what I’ve experienced so far and I have a long history of complaints. In addition, there is this enormous knowledge about metabolic background and nutrition, that makes the approach very complete. I can highly recommend Richard and his clinic and am very grateful that he helped me.

Sharon (60 yoa) 

I’ve suffered from extreme flat feet and turned in knees since I was very young. After a lifetime of suffering it was finally decided, 14 years ago, that surgery was the best option to help my feet. Unfortunately, the nerves in my feet had been disturbed in the operation and I was left with numbness in my feet, which I was told would be permanent. This affected my balance (I used to topple over when leaning forwards or bending) and was only able to walk short distances. Sometimes I needed crutches to get out of bed in the mornings. My feet were constantly cold due to circulation and my legs would often be puffy. Standing for periods would result in backache, as I tended to put my weight over onto my left-hand side. 

I started my ABC ™ treatment with David Harvey in May 2018 and since that day, everything changed. I now have recovered full feeling in my feet which has given me my balance back. My crutches are now redundant, as I no longer need them at all. I can walk without pain, my posture is vastly improved and I’m able to enjoy things I haven’t done for 14 years. More being able to be more active is also helping me to lose weight. Other people are also noticing a change in the way that I carry myself and this is helping with my confidence. I enjoy my weekly session and continue to make improvements. To anyone who is thinking of visiting SpineCentral – all I can say is book your appointment now! They have improved my life and wellbeing far more that I could have ever expected or hoped. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me. They make you feel welcome from the minute you first walk through the door. 

Anne (65 yoa)

“Having chiropractic treatment has significantly changed my life. Originally I went for chronic neck pain but
since that pain has gone I have received and am receiving so many other benefits, Now I am on a healing journey so that it can return to a natural alignment. I am a body and brain instructor – I had no idea how much the spine holds a key to unlocking body and brain potential. The results so far – posture awareness/sense of well-being / developing a deeper sense of my body/sense of my brain / breathing freely / more energy / mentally and emotionally more stable /able to implement changes to healthy lifestyle – eating patterns…..I really recommend this practice -the care you receive is exceptional. Just keep going -never give up and you can see amazing changes.”

Kirk (34 yoa)

” began receiving chiropractic treatment as my wife was seeing incredible results. As someone who had a serious back condition for over 10 years, her progress was extremely encouraging and I decided to attend a complimentary appointment. Personally, I have found my treatment to be life-changing. Although sceptical at first, David made the experience relaxing and the relationship we were able to build actually made me look forward to adjustments. I work in the City and tend to work long hours under comparatively high levels of stress. Not only do I feel healthier and stronger, but I am also psychologically more centred and feel in control of my work and my life. The holistic impact on my life has been pivotal in improved relationships in my personal life and greater performance in my work. Thanks to the team, particularly David and I would highly recommend SpineCentral.”



“When I first came to SpineCentral I had been suffering for 6 months with pain in my shoulders, neck and right arm as well as lower back pain and a lot of work-related stress.

Since my first appointment with Richard the chiropractor I have not looked back. The changes I have felt so far are

  • I feel more in touch with my body
  • I feel calmer
  • All of my pains have dramatically improved
  • After each session, I feel more relaxed and comfortable
  • I feel really well cared for, my questions are answered fully
  • Whilst my work stress never lessons I feel that I cope better
  •  I am more than satisfied with my care
  • I really look forward to my next session

For any new patients considering chiropractic, I would fully recommend SpineCentral, not only for the expert care but also for the way they make you feel safe and healthy. Not only will your whole body be cared for with chiropractic but health talks are offered on a regular basis and these are loaded with healthy well-researched information and are not to be missed!”


“Before I started my treatment I was in chronic back pain and suffered severe migraine attack and taking prescription painkillers on a regular basis. I have improved so much that I now no longer rely on the painkillers. Treating the body and the mind is what spine central provides in a friendly environment. I have taken on board some lifestyle changes which continue to improve the chemical changes my body requires. Thank you to Richard, David, Debbie and Jo for getting me this far.”




“100% recommend it. I’ve been seeing Chiropractor Dr Richard for a herniated disc and other back problems
that I’ve been dealing with for the past 20 years. After 5 sessions I’m in zero pain now, occasional discomfort from the adjustments but that’s nothing compared to constant pain I was living with. Best decision I’ve ever made to go see Dr Richard.”


“Great place, it was a breath of fresh air back into my life!”







“Had a very painful trapped nerve in my hip causing incredible pain, saw Richard and within 12 hours I was back to normal! I still can’t quite believe how incredible this team is, as David also healed my lower back issue last year. They also helped my partner heal a long-term shoulder injury. I’m amazed at how our bodies repair when we have the right doctors on hand. Thank you, guys. Also, Jo and Debbie on reception are so friendly. Highly recommend to everyone! We now go for a monthly adjustment to keep our spines strong & healthy.”


“My health journey with SpineCentral has been incredible, I stand taller, I have control over my body and a lack of fear around using it. I feel like I have power over my health. I found out about what does and doesn’t work to make me healthy and happy”


“I first came to see Richard 4 months ago after suffering all my adult life with back problems linked to 4 separate traumas. I also was diagnosed with chronic fatigue( or ME) 10 years ago. I cannot speak more highly of the treatment I have received- absolutely unbelievable improvement…in all aspects of my life. He has even got me back to swimming and walking miles daily- and I am loving it! He has given me my life back. He has a calm and easy manner and listens to your concerns and treats you with knowledge and sensitivity! Everyone should go, you just do not know how much better you could feel! Thank you!”

Ricarda (14 yoa)

“Before I started my treatment at spine central, I used to suffer with severe neck pain and had very bad posture due to my scoliosis. My posture was visibly slanted, I would lean forward and to my left with my right shoulder sticking up and my rib cage pointing out. My dad used to say that I ran like a “duck”. However, after I started my ABC TM treatment with Richard and his team, my posture greatly improved within weeks. As they corrected my scoliosis I began to stand a lot straighter and my neck pain gradually went away. The spine central team aren’t just amazing in what they do, but they are all really lovely and interesting people. I thank them very much for helping to fix my spine :). PS My dad and I travel a great distance to get the treatment which has certainly helped. We are very very pleased.” 


“I was referred to Spine Central by a dear friend who had noticed how much my body had suffered through a series of injuries and surgeries. I very quickly realised the benefits of this lifestyle choice. I use the words carefully. Initially it was a course of treatment but subsequently became a lifestyle choice producing fantastic results. I am more mobile and less prone to injury enjoying an active life. Thank you to the team at SpineCentral.”

Ray (68yoa)

“Why I Chose Chiropractic:

To be fair, the title is a bit misleading. When I reached the age of 60 my left leg began to let me down and I suffered back pain and headaches. So, like any good little taxpayer, I went to my GP. He started me with painkillers, then referred me to physiotherapy before eventually sending me to see a specialist. There followed several years of scans and examinations before finally being signed off with a “trapped nerve”. A second opinion had the same result, though this time the trapped nerve was in a different location. At this point, I was recommended to a chiropractor and I went as a last resort. Boy, was I surprised! Although my leg has only seen a slight improvement, my overall posture and sense of well-being have improved dramatically. Example: I had difficulty buying a shirt to fit me as my head was so far forward any shirt collar was rubbing against my ears, very uncomfortable. Since the chiropractic treatment began my posture has significantly improved, there is no more headaches or back pain and I can now buy shirts that fit comfortably. Although I have some way to go to achieve my goal of walking easily I have seen and felt significant encouragement to continue. I am so grateful that I took a chance on the “last resort”.


“I would recommend chiropractic unreservedly to everyone. I have been attending chiropractic for about 14 years now – at this practice and the previous main branch in Kingston. It is very much a part of my life now for preventative and maintenance care. Richard Gliddon is calm, focused and committed and inspires complete confidence in his abilities and talents as an outstanding chiropractor. :-)”


“This place is brilliant. The team is great, very easy to get along with and helpful. I have been going here for almost 2 years and have never looked back. My back and leg pains are non-existent, stopped slouching, my health is much better, my diet well let’s say they keep giving me great nutritional advice and my stomach thinks otherwise! Can’t recommend enough and tell people just try it and see for yourself.”


“My chronic back pain has greatly improved whilst being treated at SpineCentral for the past 3 years, as I was educated by the team about good diet, exercise and thinking from the onset. Furthering my understanding with my own research I have not become aware of any other practices implementing chiropractic science as proficiently as SpineCentral.”

Mrs A Jenkins (46 yoa)

“My back is pain-free for the first time in 20 years! I can now garden again without pain and play tennis without the concern that my back will hurt. Another bonus is that I can sleep the whole night through and wake up feeling rested.  I have discovered that the impact of chiropractic care goes beyond just the spine. My general health and wellbeing have greatly improved too!”

Mr A Wilkins (29 yoa)

“Chiropractic has been a really positive step in improving my overall health and not just that of my spine. Since starting care my posture improved and I have been able to reduce the toxicity in my liver which has led to overall better health and stopped my chronic migraines which required long term strong medication to manage in the past. Dr Gliddon has provided a thorough, comprehensive and personal level of care and it is reassuring to know that my spinal health is in good hands.

I have found that my sleep is more restful and I have more energy during the day. I am able to lift heavier weights at the gym with reduced pain and have generally greater flexibility for stretches and other exercises.

The main thing I have learned is that your spine is something that needs to be cared for long term. So many things are controlled and affected by your spine. It can be beneficial just to get a health check as problems can be developing before symptoms occur.”

Mr B Brown (65 yoa)

“After just a few months of treatment, the spinal adjustments have really kicked in. I am now more supple than before and have very little resistance in my neck and hip movements. With a weekly tune-up by Dr Richard and a daily home exercise regime day I am now feeling really good, better than I have in years.

In the past, I have had to be careful with ‘overdoing it’ because of what I believed to be ‘age-related wear and tear’. I am now able to enjoy almost anything without having to worry about pain. I am fitter and more flexible than ever and I believe chiropractic has helped me deter the ageing process.

It is well worth getting a check-up, especially if you have a physically restricting problem. It worked for me, even after a lifetime of physical work and bad posture habits!”

Mr D Mackey (38 yoa) 

“I first came to see Dr Richard in December 2011, unable to walk without crutches. The treatment I have received since then has been amazing. I am now able to walk, work and ride my bike again without pain, once again enjoying life and looking forward to the future with confidence. I would like people to know that making simple changes to your lifestyle can greatly help your spinal health and general health.

Chiropractic care has made me more aware of my health, my body and it’s needs. I believe that the care I received at SpineCentral has been pivotal in helping me regain my health and I am fully expecting to keep on improving with time!”

Mr T Wilson

“When I started attending SpineCentral in June 2009 I had been suffering from fairly severe lower back problems. My back would ‘go’ three or four times a year causing much pain and disability. After an initial course of chiropractic care followed up with maintenance care every few weeks I am much improved and have not suffered a ‘collapse’ since starting. Also, amazingly enough, since starting care I have been free of the headaches that have plagued me for over 50 years!!”

Ms J Mosely

“I’d suffered from lower back pain for many years and finally decided to do something about it! I’d just moved into the area and drove by the clinic and decided it must be fate so I popped in. That was the best part of a year ago and I have not looked back since!
Richard’s been brilliant and we’ve gone from emergency ‘fixing’ of the initial problem to building onwards and upwards to improve me. Things have got a lot better for me; I now know where to focus my efforts and how to build up my whole health picture. SpineCentral has totally exceeded my expectations – I’d say to anyone, give it a go! You’ll get out of it what you put in.”

Mr R Flude (30 yoa)

“I have had a persistent problem with my right shoulder from playing rugby and stiffness in my lower back when I start running and Richard was able to diagnose and resolve the issue in one session! I am now able to sleep better and wake up pain-free. I also took a 5km run three days after the first session and didn’t have any pain whatsoever for the first time in about 5 years! He also picked up issues with my hamstrings without me prompting him and resolved those!

The thing that impresses me most about Richard is that he accepts that chiropractic care is just an element of his entire service. He also brings in techniques from other medical fields so as to have alternatives to finding a solution for his clients.

Richard has a clear plan for my rehabilitation and has also offered valuable nutritional and lifestyle tips. He is friendly and polite and his clinic is clean and inviting.”

Mr N Gillings

“Hi, I am now aged 51. I have always tried to keep myself fit and healthy but found that I was suffering from lower back pain for many years and had a definite lean towards the right. I first met Richard and decided to do something to help relieve the pain. I had previously purchased an inversion table (where you hand upside down by your ankles) to help with the pain, although the relief was only temporary.  So I decided to invest in my health and after having been assessed and diagnosed I signed up to a course of treatments at SpineCentral.  Miraculously after my first adjustment session, the pain was 60% improved and my body stopped leaning towards the right!

I am approaching the end of my course I now realise the importance of correct posture and spinal alignment because it allows the messages transmitted from the brain to reach the right locations without interference. I feel calmer, happier, and livelier within myself and realise that my whole health has improved.

Due to the stress, I have at work and in my lifestyle, I will always choose to have maintenance adjustments so that I can remain in good health. You can’t put a monetary value on that!”

Mr J Sparks

“Honestly, since going to the chiropractor it has turned my life around. It has made me feel 10 years younger! I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain but that has since been resolved and my flexibility and movement has improved considerably and so much that at the age of 36 I have managed to play in a football cup final and was named the man of the match! As an added bonus I have lost over 1 stone in weight and my symptoms of ulcerative colitis have greatly improved (I have proper bowel movements for the first time in years!)
I would like other people to know how much you can benefit from spinal care, not only physically but emotionally too. I have spent most of my life in fitness but never realised how much a chiropractor could change my life.”

Mrs W Gaffney

I have been attending the chiropractor for quite a few years on a monthly basis now as part of a wellness program and will continue this for life. I consider Richard to be my chiropractor and he is always very kind and sympathetic to my any injuries or worries that I have medically.

SpineCentral keeps my mental and physical wellbeing in good order. I would recommend anyone suffering from back pains etc.. to attend the clinic and have a better way of life!”

Ms A Walker

“Before attending SpineCentral I had lower back pain for many years due to my physical work as a nanny, carrying children all day long. It was painful to stand for long periods of time, painful to get in and out of bed, I had frequent headaches and my sleep patterns were terrible.

Since seeing Richard my back pain has greatly improved and I can stand for long periods without pain, I sleep sooo much better and get out of bed like a spring chicken. My headaches are much better and I feel like I am 2 inches taller (haha)!

I highly recommend SpineCentral, it works!”

Mr P Mckeown

“After 15 years of working in an office environment, I started to feel a sharp pain in my back. The chiropractic care that I received at SpineCentral helped to completely alleviate the pain that I felt and correct the underlying problems in my spine.

As a keen golfer, I was delighted to see great improvement in my ability to consistently hit the ball further and straighter after receiving chiropractic care. My shoulder and hip rotation have increased dramatically.

At SpineCentral I not only received treatment for my spinal problems but the chiropractor also educated me on various exercises, stretches and postures which have increased my flexibility and will stand me in good stead for many years to come.”

Mr R Nichols

“Since starting care at SpineCentral I have noticed all-around improvement in my general well being, particularly in my increased range of motion throughout my body.

The reduction in pain and increased range of motion means that I am more effective in my workouts.

I would advise everyone to get their spine checked because you don’t know how good/bad it is until you do!”

Ms K Bailey

“I started my chiropractic care 6 weeks ago and I have noticed great improvements in my mobility and posture. My body also feels more resilient against all the stresses and strains of my lifestyle.

I am now able to ride my motorbike again without pain.

Yes, I would recommend that people get their spine checked because it may fix more than just the backache!”

Mr M Cole

“My chiropractic adjustment sessions at SpineCentral have enabled me to continue with my running and helped me to complete 2 marathons.

Interestingly, Chiropractic has also helped me to learn to relax and enjoy things as a more gentle pace rather than charging about all over the place. I feel like my body is able to release the stress better rather than hold onto it.

I think spinal care is like an MOT check on your car, along with a service it keeps you motoring along without pain for years.

Interestingly, Chiropractic has also helped me to learn to relax and enjoy things as a more gentle pace rather than charging about all over the place. I feel like my body is able to release the stress better rather than hold onto it.”