COVID19 – How We Are Working To Keep You Safe

We would like to inform all patients of the measures that we have taken to reduce the risks of exposure to and spread of COVID19. We understand how apprehensive many people are during these troubling times, and we would like to ensure you that we have done everything humanly possible to make our practice environment as safe as possible for you.

Quick Overview Version

We have extensive protection measures in place. These include, but are not limited to

  • PPE – we use new gloves, masks and aprons for every patient visit
  • Sanitisation – we sanitise the benches, chairs and door handles after every patient.
  • Social distancing – we have increased appointment times and limited patient numbers to ensure distancing can be maintained at all times.
  • We have a thorough pre-screening process, including IR temperature scanning on every visit, that significantly reduces the risk of a COVID19 affected patient entering the premises.

You can find a detailed breakdown of our up to date Clinical Risk Assessment and extensive measure here. We are regularly updating and amending this document based upon the latest government and professional guidance.

You can find a copy of our Informed Consent Document here.

The Detailed Version Of Our Hygiene Approach (Plus Our Polite Requests For Patients)

When visiting our centre, we ask you to please remember these general principles and use a little common sense to ensure we can all have a good clinic experience, minimise risk and stay safe.

  • Please don’t bring anything unnecessary into the building. This includes pets, large bags, grocery shopping, and other people who are not using our services.
  • Please try to keep your hands to yourself and try not to touch anything unnecessary while in our clinics.
  • If possible, please try to remain standing while waiting to be seen by your ABC practitioner.
  • Please ensure you remain at least 2m away from any other person in the clinic (except when being seen by your Chiropractor).
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend and follow Government guidelines.

General cleaning protocol for the following areas

  • Front door – left open when possible to avoid contact. If closed, contact points are disinfected every hour.
  • Waiting area – all books, toys and excess furniture have been removed, and contact areas are cleaned after every client or contact. If no contact, areas will be cleaned hourly. Cleaning is carried immediately after contact occurs. 
  • Washroom – available to all for hand-washing upon arrival. If possible, please try to refrain from using them otherwise (i.e. be prepared and please try to go at home). Contact surfaces will be cleaned after every use. We also have hand-sanitiser available in every room in the centre for your convenience.
  • Masks – we ask that you please bring your own mask to the centre to ensure your personal comfort and good fit. We do have masks available on request if you forget.
  • Reception desk, Pens, Card Machine & Other Items– all surfaces that require you to contact are cleaned after each client contact. We have spray alcohol sanitiser which makes this simple to achieve. 
  • Treatment areas – all contact surfaces are cleaned after each client contact, by the practitioner, ideally in front of the client.

Patient flow in and out of the building

Please use common sense when moving about the clinic.

  • Please arrive promptly at your allocated appointment time to ensure you do not unnecessarily cross over with any other clients or staff.
  • Please maintain social distancing protocols in the clinic, in both the reception area and hallways. Please move into treatment areas promptly and as soon as you are directed to.
  • Please pay for your appointment and schedule your next at the start of the session.
  • When leaving you may be asked to exit through the rear door of the centre if there are more than 2 people already in the reception area


Practitioners and staff will all be using full gloves, masks and plastic aprons – please feel free to request them to wear these items if it makes you more comfortable (especially if you are deemed or consider yourself to be “higher risk”). If you are in the “vulnerable” or “extremely vulnerable” categories please do let us know in advance of attending so that we can ensure you are correctly scheduled. Our pre-screening protocols will pick up on this if you forget. 

Practitioner PPE is changed and appropriately disposed of after every patient encounter.

Consent & Temperature Screening

Each client must complete and sign our consent form prior to their appointment (we have them ready for you at the practice and you can review it online here) otherwise, they will not be seen by the Practitioner. We also screen each client’s temperature prior to treatment, with an infrared contactless thermometer; if your temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees centigrade we will not be able to treat you on that day and will advise that you seek the NHS guidance.

Treatment times

We aim to keep our appointment times as brief as possible (10-15 minutes), in order to reduce contact time and minimise the risk to you. If you have any complicated questions or are in need of further advice from your practitioner, we ask that you please send an email or request a phone consult and they will be happy to address your questions at a later time.