Marion Lefevre

Marion Lefevre DC, MChiro
ABC Practitioner

“A healthy body structure is easily able to stand up to the stress of life, work and sport”

Marion grew up in a town outside Paris, as a child she witnessed first-hand the unfortunate reality of several family members losing their health — this taught her the value of well-being. She wanted to have a positive effect on her community and because of the medical education she received, she decided to study medicine. After a while, she realised it wasn’t right for her. Discovering chiropractic changed her view on health and how to restore it. She was seduced by the philosophy that the body can better heal itself with the help of a natural hands-on approach. 

During her studies, she got involved in several organisations. She took part in the development of the chiropractic profession with the World Congress of Chiropractic Students during the Annual General Meeting of Atlanta and Paris. She went to Burkina Faso, in Africa on a mission trip to give care to the local communities.

She graduated from the Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie in 2017. Thereafter, she flew to South America and worked in Lima, Peru. She is, therefore, able to provide Chiropractic consultation in English, Spanish and French. After this great experience, she got back to Europe and moved to London.

As a Chiropractor

Providing the most effective care to her patients is her main aim. In this view, Marion keeps on improving her skills through readings, seminars and exchanges with other practitioners. This perspective led her to Advanced Biostructural Correction. With ABC, she found an approach that respects the natural mechanical functions of the body, improving its ability to adapt and find balance, and helps it quickly recover its best health. Indeed, She often sees in practice that pain is the last warning signal of underlying problems in the body structure. ABC technique guides the body toward better alignment, getting to the root cause of the pain.

As a person

Outside of work, Marion loves spending time outdoors in nature and spending time with friends.