Which One Are You Chasing?




More often than not you cannot have both.

Getting the results that really may mean that you are going to have to travel a bit further, pay a bit more and devote more time and energy to the process.

Yet ask yourself this:

Which mindset will your FUTURE SELF thank you for?

The one who made decisions based upon what was easy and convenient?

Or the mind that CHASED DOWN RESULTS and did whatever was REQUIRED to get them?

My question for your today is this:

Where in your health, across the core 4 areas of nutrition, fitness, stress management and body structure are you taking the easy path?

And can, just for a moment, catch a glimpse of the consequences of that choice, 10 years from now, if you continue to play it out consistently?

The End.


Live In Alignment
Thrive At Life


Richard Gliddon
Wellness Chiropractor, Coach, Mentor