Dear Health Seeker,
In today’s episode, I interview special guest Dr Mats Hannson. He is a talented and passionate chiropractor who pioneered the introduction of Advanced Biostructural Correction in the UK. He runs a successful practice in Weymouth, England and today he shares:
– The difference between relief care and corrective care and where true spinal health and perfect posture come from.
– How he went from at age 45 no longer being unable to play Hockey to now at age 52 playing against the best players in England.
– The importance of getting to know yourself.
– How to overcome the dogma of conventional health thinking.
– The importance of trusting your gut instinct and the wisdom within.
All of this and more in today’s episode, so sit back relax and enjoy the show.
Live In Alignment
Thrive At Life
Dr Richard Gliddon
Wellness Chiropractor, Coach, Mentor