Here’s a powerful thought


You create your life based upon your subconscious will and intention

So the process of creating results is automatic

Just watch any elite athlete winning gold at the Olympics- did that performance look like a struggle?

The produced effortlessly because they are not fighting the process, they are simply being

It is the very act of fighting change that created the struggle

You say you want to be fit, slim, healthy, pain free and energised, yet your results say something different

What is the difference between the part of you that wants to get up at 6am and work out and the other part of you that would rather have a lie in?

The struggle comes from failing to recognise that you ALREADY ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO BE

The truth is that you are comfortable where you are

(This is not always easy to accept)

Your current life and results are serving you, they benefit you

Not recognising this keeps you stuck

It makes you SAY that you want to change yet the results in your life will tell a different story

So you can end the phoney struggle by OWNING your reality

Recognise the benefits and how it is already serving you well

And you will become awakened to your incredible innate power to create your reality

From that place, change is effortless.

The End.

Love, Light & Liberation

Richard Gliddon
wellness chiropractor, coach, mentor