Sounds harsh?

Most great truths do.

In today’s podcast, we look at the realities of what it really takes to get ahead, how you are not alone in your dislike of the activities that will set you free.

Here’s a fact: health requires action.

One of the realities I struggle with most in practice is watching people literally FIGHT to hold on to their limitations and destructive habits.

I hear people talk themselves out of doing the very thing that they need to do most.

What do they need to do? THE THING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

That’s it!

It’s no more complicated than that.

It only gets difficult when you allow feelings to hijack your choices.

The reality of ALL personal change is that you are HIGHLY UNLIKELY TO EVER FEEL LIKE DOING IT!

But you simply cannot let that little fact hold you back.

(Amazingly enough, as I am sitting writing this, at a cafe in, I’m listening to a waiter explain to people on the table next to me, why he has given up on his plans to run a marathon – ‘I just don’t have the resolve’ is his excuse)


The type who looks back at all that could have been.

You don’t need to run marathons.

But you DO need to move your body, eat whole foods, take essential supplements, handle your stress, maintain your body.

The ONE things standing between you and results that blow your mind is developing a BIAS TOWARDS ACTION.

That’s it.

And you do that by making the same courageous decisions every day.

To do the right thing, even though you don’t feel like it.

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Live In Alignment & Thrive at Life

Richard Gliddon
Wellness Chiropractor Coach Mentor