In the last post I wrote about the importance of setting goals the right way. Beginning by getting clear on what it is that we want and why we want it. By taking the time to

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do this work we can be confident that we are chasing something that matters and because it is inherently important and meaningful to us we know that there is a strong likelihood of achieving it.

In this post I would love go one step deeper and help you discover the hidden motivating factors that are working subconsciously in your life. They are in operation 24 hours per day and directly affect the likelihood of you achieving your goals in 2017.
The message in this post is simple:
Master your internal world and you can create pretty much anything you desire. 
Here we go.

Life Is Ultimately A Mind Game

The is a science to health. Yet health consists of at least 4 significant areas; structure, exercise, nutrition and mind.

My research into health have lead deep down each of these rabbit holes.

The area that is most tricky to navigate is the mental; side of life. Gaining control of your mind, handling stress, directing your intentions towards goals that matter to you, living on purpose and feeling content and grateful for the life that you create.

You see life is ultimately a mind game.

Every action is preceded by a thought.

Which means that external mastery of things like your health are always preceded my mastery of the internal environment, called your mind, your thoughts, your perceptions, reactions and intentions.

Master your inner world and you stand a chance at mastering your external world

This is largely a process of self discovery. Figuring out what makes your tick and then learning how to manipulate that in your favour.

The highest level of self discovery work that you can do is identifying your values.

You see every human being lives their lives according to a hierarchy of values.

These values are like an internal compass. Dictating the direction that you life will naturally follow. You will act in accordance with your highest values 100% of the time. Which means that your external world and creations are direct reflections of your internal values.

This makes knowing your values valuable!

The ancient Greeks called the study of the purpose of life teleology. With your telos being the ultimate purpose or aim of your life.

Everyone has a telos, a natural direction they are headed, driven by their values. What is interesting to contemplate is that your hierarchy of values is completely unique to you. No two people are the same. A value system distinguishes a person in much the same way as finger print or a iris print does.

People can always be held accountable to their highest values. This is where you are naturally most organised, efficient and reliable. It will take next to no effort or motivation to take consistent action around your highest values. This is where your executive centre comes online and you awaken your productivity, creativity and ingenuity.

The lowest values are where people frustrate, hesitate and procrastinate. This is where your chaos lives. If you set goals around your lowest values you have a very low likelihood of achieving them. Distracting lower priorities will always show up to scupper even the best of intentions.

Discovering Your Values

As an example, here is my value system:

  1. Business Expansion 
  2. Health 
  3. Personal Development
  4. Chiropractic Master
  5. Travel and adventure
  6. Relationships
  7. Wealth Building & Saving
  8. Friends and socialising
  9. Family
  10. Personal Image

It takes literally no effort to get me out of bed to work on my top 4 or 5 values. I am naturally motivated and inspired to work on these things. This means that If I set goals around these higher values there is a very good chance that I will be organised, efficient and dedicated in their pursuit.

If I set goals around my lower three values it is going to take a lot more internal motivation to do the work. Why? Because my mind is always drawn to the top three. That is where Im inspired. That is where my natural talents are.

Can you see how this could be important information to know about yourself?

The worlds for most authority on this subject is quite probably Dr John Demartini. You can take his online value determination process here. It will probably be be the most valuable 15 minutes that you spend this year. He will prompt you with questions to uncover the inner workings of your mind and help you to see and handle the compass that is directing your life.

Why Values Are Directly Related To Your Success

Now, heres the rub. This is why this is important to know your values when it comes to your health. In my experience many people do not naturally have health in their top 3 values. This is why so many set ‘health’ related New Year’s targets to stop drinking or smoking, to loose weight, to get fit, to run the marathon and ultimately fail, usually by mid January!

This is entirely predictable based upon their internal value system.

Yet this does not mean you can’t succeed! It does mean however that you would be wise to put some work in to balancing the equation by ‘cross-linking’ you values, as Dr Demartini teaches.

For example.

You wanted to get fit and loose weight by March 30th 2017 but health is down at number 8 in your hierarchy of values. At the top in the number position is family.

To raise health in your value structure you need to find links to how achieving the goal and improving your health benefits your top values directly. Create 20-50 links until you have internal certainty that this goal is important and a natural drive to begin it.

As an example, benefits to loosing weight and getting fit may benefit your family by:

  1. Providing a string role-model for the children to copy
  2. Improve your energy so that you want to play lego at 7pm and read stories at bed time
  3. Improve your mood so that you don’t loose it the next time you tread on the lego
  4. Reduce your risk of serious disease so that you can be around for the longest time possible
  5. Improving your diet means that the children will naturally be eating healthier
  6. This means that they will be more focussed and concentrated at school
  7. Their grades may improve
  8. This will reduce emotional stress for you
  9. Reduced emotional stress around the kids school will help you to sleep better at night
  10. This means you will wake up with more energy and more of a desire to exercise
  11. You will be more focussed at work and stand a better chance of getting that promotion this year
  12. Which means that you will be able to upgrade the house by building the new kitchen
  13. The new, slimmer, sexier you may be more attractive for your partner
  14. Improving your relationship with your spouse will bring more happiness to the home
  15. and
  16. on
  17. and
  18. on
  19. until you have certainty and desire around this goal

This is an enjoyable exercise. You can have fun with it. Every benefit you add raises the value of health in your hierarchy of values and you will become naturally inspired to take action and bring the goal to reality.

Of all of the thousands of hours of personal development seminars, coaching and teachings I have been exposed to over the last 10 years, this is by far and away the MOST SIGNIFICANT area that you can focus on. Knowing your values and knowing how to use them to your advantage is the most predictable, repeatable and congruent way of living life on your terms and achieving your dreams.

I hope that helps.

I hope 2017 is beyond magnificent for you and your family and that you follow through on your goals and make them a reality.

Remember, you become inspired into action from within when you live congruently and according to your highest values and become inactive and require motivation from without when you attempt to live incongruently and according to your lower values.

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The End.


Live In Alignment


Thrive At Life


Richard Gliddon

Wellness Chiropractor, Coach, Mentor


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