What do you think? Are supplements really necessary? Are they a waste of money, or worse still…..dangerous?

There is a lot of mixed information in the press and the waters are muddied further by the supplement industry which full of misinformation and inconsistent quality.

Navigating the supplement mine-field requires both knowledge and common sense.

Navigating The Supplement Mine-Field

To really grasp this need to remember that HUMANS ARE WILD ANIMALS.

As with any wild animal we tend to thrive when the conditions of our environment match the conditions that our innate genetic blueprint is expecting.

Do you remember the state of the River Thames in the 1950’s?

Things got so bad after poor management of sewage and industrial waste that it became practically lifeless.

The Great British fish died off in their thousands!

The good news is that if we fast forward 60 years the river tells a very different story.

Complete disaster was averted, nature found her way and life returned to the murky water of the Thames. In fact, these days, fish are considered to be thriving in there.

How was this problem solved?

Did they construct lots of tiny little fish hospitals along the river? Perhaps perform thousands of micro-surgeries with little fish scalpels? Maybe they dished out thousands of little fish sized white pills to ease the suffering?

No! Of course not, This would be HIGHLY ILLOGICAL.

The clear and obvious problem was that the water was toxic.

By improving waste disposal methods and banning the dumping of sewage and industrial waste the natural ecosystem was gradually able to recover over time.

This piece of history reveals one of the great truths of life:

Nature will find its way back, under natural conditions. 

What Does This Mean For You As A Modern Human?

Well, you are an ecosystem of cells, just like the river thames is an ecosystem of nature.

In order for you to remain healthy, your cells need a sufficient amount of the ‘right things’ (nutrients) and as little as possible of the ‘wrong things’ (toxins).

So we can clearly state that on the most fundamental level, sickness and disease arise from TOXICITIES AND DEFICIENCIES in your environment.

Your environment is simply the sum total of the way that you eat, move, think and function….hang on a minute (I hear you say), that sounds familiar!

During your early journey at SpineCentral we tell you that health problems are caused by the  3 major forms of stress: Physical, biochemical and mental-emotional.

This stands to be true, except we can break each of these areas of stress down further into a series of toxicities and deficiencies.

Following this logic, health and healing then must come from making choices that result in a PURE AND SUFFICIENT (stress free) environment.

This leads us to the basic equation of health:


Where = Your innate genetic intelligence (the blueprint for health that sits inside your cells)

True Empowerment

If you truly grasp what has been said it is a very empowering concept to understand in health.

It puts you firmly in control of your health.

A big part of your natural environment is the food that you choose to consume.

A really interesting and somewhat concerning scientific fact to consider is that even if you are eating a near 100% perfect diet you can still have nutritional deficiencies.

This happens because the modern day methods of intensive farming, food transport, storage and animal husbandry puts food onto your plate with reduced and altered nutritional content.

It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots recognise that this deficiency gets passed on to those who rely on that food source for survival: Thats YOU!

The good news is that human physiology is highly intelligent and your cells can actually manufacture a lot of nutrients and vitamins from basic raw materials and releasing stores.

This is how it is possible to survive for years, even decades, eating nothing but Mr McDonalds’ burgers! (Of course you pay a heavy price with reduced function along the way).

Yet there are some important nutrients that you cannot manufacture in your cells. They need to be consumed or generated from other factors in your lifestyle.

These vital nutrients are known as ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS and they include things like: OMEGA 3 FATS, PROBIOTICS & VITAMIN D3. 

One of the glaring nutritional facts that stares modern man in the face is that most people are dangerously deficient in these essential nutrients.

There is so much high quality science to support this understanding and it leaves us with only one obvious choice.

If we are not getting from our food and our lifestyle then the most logical and scientific way to address this problem is with proper supplementation.

So in answer to the original question, YES! It absolutely is necessary for you as a modern human to take supplements in order to regain thane maintain your health long term.

There are two ways that we recommend you supplement.

1. Take the essential nutrients every single day, for life. 

I will be diving into detail on these in the next few emails. For now, if you want a head start on knowing what to take you can read the relevant info here.

2. Take supplements as directed by a healthcare professional 

Sometimes at SpineCentral we will recommend the use of more specialised supplements to be taken short term to help correct a biochemical deficiency quickly.

This requires expertise in knowing what to take, a testing procedure such as Applied Kinesiology or Functional Blood Tests and access to safe, high quality supplement companies.

If you are not guided through that process there is a good chance you may take the wrong things, produce expensive urine and perhaps, very rarely, even do yourself some harm.

For the modern human attempting to not only survive but thrive in a fast paced and stressful world supplements can be very useful and in some cases even necessary for you to take.

The End.

Live In Alignment
Thrive At Life

Dr Richard Gliddon
Wellness Chiropractor, Coach, Mentor

Principle Chiropractor at SpineCentral
Creator of the Wake Up Wellness Home Study Program
Head Coach at The Liberated Lifestyle