Dear Health Seeker,

In this episode, I interview Dr Carlyle Jenkins, a health and performance specialist who uses Chiropractic care, functional rehabilitation,  lifestyle change and a modern gadget that tracks heart rate variability to help ambitious people develop resilience and greater performance in their sports and careers.

We discuss arguably the most important topic in health, which is how your body adapts to and recovers from the stress of life.





During our discussion you will discover;

– How your energy levels are a key indicator of your underlying level of health

– How you are probably getting warning signs far in advance of ever developing symptoms/illness

– How your body has a 24-hour energy cycle that is influenced by exposure to daylight and the quality of your sleep

– Why delaying your recovery for the weekends or holidays can wreak havoc with your hormonal system and energy production

– Why modern life is really working against you in your pursuit of success and lasting achievement

– Why sleep is the key piece of the puzzle when it comes to the results you will see from exercise, learning and nutrition.

– How a unique piece of modern technology created by Russian Cosmonauts can help you to measure and master your response to stress

– What international travel and alcohol really do to your nervous system

– how to master the stress and recovery cycle and be able to handle high level stress with ease

All of this and much more in this episode of The Liberated Lifestyle


Live In Alignment

& Thrive At Life


Dr Richard Gliddon

Wellness Chiropractor, Coach, Mentor




Prohab (Dr Jenkins Central London Practice)

Firstbeat Heart Rate Variability Machines