On the body, mind and soul.

Many of the struggles associated with ageing; stress and turmoil arise from a reduced ability to ADAPT.

The best definition of stress that I’ve ever heard is:

“A failure to adapt to a changing environment.”

As the year’s progress, this can become more challenging.

Health reserves become reduced by years of accumulated damage.

This can make older age quite miserable for many.

I don’t believe it needs to be that way.

I’ll have you consider that the way that you age is a choice.

Your mental strength, physical energy, physical form and meaning and purpose in life are all mostly sustainable to very high levels- for longer than you perhaps think.

So the question I have for you is;

What is your vision for the 80-year-old you?


What are you doing today to ensure that future reality?

The End.

Live In Alignment
Thrive At Life

Richard Gliddon
The Body Rebuilder
Wellness Chiropractor Coach Mentor