In this brief article, I’m going to share with you one of my favourite little lifestyle hacks. It’s cheap. It’s easy to make. It flat out just works as a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory.

This amazing home creation is called Activated Turmeric Paste and it can make a big difference if you do suffer from painful conditions related to inflammation. This could be anything from an arthritic condition, like psoriasis, or osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, sciatica, headaches, right through to just enhancing your recovery from an injury and improving sleep.

Indeed, the research now links underlying inflammation to most of the serious chronic degenerative illnesses, including conditions like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Reducing chronic systemic inflammation is now widely regarded as one of the main strategies for treating and preventing most chronic diseases.

How To Make Activated Turmeric Paste

Basic ingredients you will need are:

  • one cup of water
  • half a cup of water in reserve (in case you need it at the end)
  • half a cup of organic turmeric powder
  • a third of a cup of extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil. The choice is yours, whichever you use
  • 1.5 tsp ground black pepper
  • Sterilised jar to store it all in

Once you have gathered all of your ingredients, the next part is really easy.

Take the cup of water, put it in a pan, and heat it up to near boiling point. Then, start to add in the turmeric powder, stirring it until it becomes thick. If you find it gets too thick, you start adding in the extra water that you have on the side. Keep stirring the paste until it ends up a nice and thick, but not completely solid. This takes around about six to seven minutes. Then you simply add in one and a half teaspoons of ground up pepper, and the third cup of oil.

Stir it in, so it’s all nicely blended together. Put it aside. Let it cool down. Then, put it in the sterilised jar for storage. You can keep this in the fridge for up to two weeks, perhaps, in some cases. If it develops mould on the top, then you’ve got to throw this thing away. Probably wise to not keep it beyond two or three weeks.

How Do You Use Turmeric Paste?

Well, there are lots of ways you can use this amazing anti-inflammatory paste.

First of all, you can just eat it au naturel. If you’re a fan of turmeric, you can just simply stir this into a glass of water and drink it back whole. To begin with use just a quarter of a teaspoon as a serving. You can have this two to three times a day.

If you overcook it and take too much into your system, you may get diarrhoea or an upset stomach, in which case, just reduce the dose by half. Once you get used to it, you can build to have up to one teaspoon two or three times per day.

Another simple use is just to add it to smoothies, or mix it with peanut butter, and spread it on your favourite crackers, or as part of the dip for vegetable sticks. You can mix it into soups or curries, or broths. You can even use it as a topical agent for any skin wounds, like insect bites or cuts, or anything that you would like to heal faster.

One of my favourite ways to use this turmeric paste is to add it to milk. Whatever kind of milk you like, some people prefer to stay dairy free and have almond milk, or coconut milk, or oat milk, it really doesn’t matter. Whichever you choose, add a quarter to one full teaspoon of turmeric paste, maybe a teaspoon of honey, and stir it all together. Then warm it up over the oven and you have a delicious evening drink that may help you sleep better.

What Is It About Turmeric Paste That Makes It So Effective?

Well, turmeric’s been incredibly well studied. There’s a lot of literature on its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory. The active component of turmeric is a called curcumin, which has highly effective anti-inflammatory properties. The difficulty with taking turmeric alone is getting enough of the curcumin into your body, because on the whole it is very poorly absorbed.

The method described above appears to ‘activate’ the turmeric allowing the curcumin to become more bioavailable and more readily absorbed.

The magic seems to be the process of heating and the addition of pepper, which contains the bioactive compound piperine which is known to help the absorption of curcumin by up to 2000 per cent.

There are two theories on why piperine it works so well at ‘activating’ turmeric.

It could be due to a relaxing of the gut wall allowing larger molecules like curcumin to be absorbed, or it could be slowing down liver metabolism enough for the curcumin to get adequately absorbed.  Since curcumin is fat soluble, the addition of oil to the paste could also be helping to aid absorption.1,2,3

Try Turmeric Paste Instead Of Using Ibuprofen Or Paracetamol

Chronic pain, inflammation, injuries and diseases are widespread and growing problems. At the same time, mainstream medical treatments such as ibuprofen, other NSAIDs, and paracetamol are increasingly being shown to be far from safe.

Turmeric paste provides a natural safe alternative to these common medications and could be an important natural alternative to drugs. Especially considering how readily available the ingredients are, and how cheap, quick and easy it is to make.

Reducing chronic inflammation should be something that we all strive to achieve on an ongoing basis, both as a form of natural treatment and a long-term prevention strategy to avoid chronic diseases. Achieving that is easier said than done. Turmeric paste is an excellent short-term reliever, but it will not get to the deep underlying causes of chronic inflammation.

The real culprit is the great number of different stresses in your life; physical, chemical, emotional and electromagnetic. The best long-term solution is to master your lifestyle to reduce your stress burden and supply with your body with everything it requires to get back to a state of homeostasis and health.

I’ll leave you with one final piece of wisdom – don’t get it on your hands! Turmeric stains like crazy!

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Now I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever tried turmeric paste, or other methods f activating turmeric? What was your experience like? Place your answers in the comments body below.