Exoskeletons are designed to help people with physically demanding jobs do some of the heavy lifting their bodies struggle to cope with. Literally! From whole body suits to harnesses with mechanical arms, an exoskeleton can help you lift heavy objects such as tools, building materials and parts.

Of course, looking like Iron Man when you turn up at work comes at a price. Commercially available exoskeletons such as tool-holding arms start at £5,000; whereas impersonating a superhero with a full body suit will set you back £100,000s. A recent study also advises using exoskeletons with caution, saying that wearable robotics don’t eliminate stress; they just move it to another part of the body.

You can wear an exoskeleton, but it won’t turn you into Iron Man!

In 2018 researchers from Ohio State University tested a mechanical arm attached to a harness with two different pneumatic tools and found that the exoskeleton actually “increased peak and mean torso muscle forces and spinal loads.” Gregory Knapik, senior researcher said, “This exoskeleton is meant to offload weight from your arms, so for your arms it’s great. The problem is, the weight of the tool, the weight of the mechanical arm and the weight of the vest you’re wearing — that all goes to your back. At the end of the day, you’re just trading one problem for a potentially even worse problem.”

I’m all for using technology to help our bodies perform at their best. Using an exoskeleton for short periods of time could help avoid injury and muscle fatigue, and no doubt the manufacturers will continue to refine their products to reduce the negative impact on other areas of the body. However, while we wait for the technology to catch up, and prices to come down, there are other ways you can feel like a superhero!

Help your body perform at its best

Hard work puts a strain on your body and especially your spine. Whether it’s forcing your body to do things it’s not designed to do, or repetitive manual tasks involving bending, lifting etc., most people who work in construction and other manual jobs suffer from pain, stiffness and physical fatigue either occasionally or constantly.

You may have spent time, and money, being treated by physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors to get relief so you can continue to work. Unfortunately, for many people, the effects aren’t long lasting. Once you return to work the nature of your job quickly undoes the benefits of many treatments, even if you’re bending and lifting correctly. Retiring or getting an office job isn’t an option, hence why you might be exploring whether an exoskeleton can help.

A critical aspect of how your body performs is alignment. Years of physically demanding work can lead to misalignment, either because your body is forced into unnatural positions to perform a job or because injury or stress in one area of the body forces you to overcompensate in others.

When your body isn’t correctly aligned, it can’t perform at its best. Just like any other mechanical device (including exoskeletons) a misalignment has a knock on impact on other joints, muscles, ligaments, bones etc. Stress in one area of your body could be affecting your posture and ability to hold yourself correctly, causing another area of your body to not work effectively.

If you had a tool that was misaligned in some way so it doesn’t perform at its best, you could send it back to the manufacturer for a repair or a replacement. I bet some readers would like to do the same for their bodies and get a new one! That’s where Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC) can make a significant difference. It could give your body a factory reset.

ABC is better than an exoskeleton

I came across ABC following a snowboarding accident that left me in chronic pain. As a chiropractor I had sought a variety of conventional treatments with no lasting relief. Yes, I would leave the practice feeling better but it was a temporary relief, not a long term solution.

Thankfully I had my Damascus Moment when I tried Advanced BioStructural Correction for the first time, which you can read all about in my book Unlocked – details here. The ABC structural correction programme released tension and stress across my entire body, restoring alignment and correct posture and providing life-changing long-term relief from pain. I was able to recover not only from my injury but also regain my strength and vigour which I thought I had left behind in my 20s!

Could ABC work for you?

Understandably you’re probably sceptical about whether ABC can help you. You’ve no doubt tried other treatments, friends and family all have their recommendations, but increasingly you’re resigned to a life managing your body’s limitations and pain. What’s so transformational about Advanced BioStructrual Correction is that it can actually give you that factory reset. By realigning your body head-to-toe, your body is able to perform at its optimum again. As a result of correcting alignment and posture, flexibility and robustness also return. Muscles, ligaments, joints and your entire internal skeleton, starts doing the job they were designed to do in the right way – no need for an exoskeleton.

Of course, anyone who does a physical job is at risk of injury. If you’re going to perform repetitive tasks or lug around heavy equipment and materials, your body’s mechanics will be given a workout like no other. However, part of my job as an ABC practitioner is to teach you the skills to manage your alignment at home and work. Following a ABC programme you shouldn’t need to see me again for regular ‘top ups’ (like you might expect from other treatments) as your body will be aligned to work at its best and avoid unnecessary stress and strain.

To understand the science behind ABC visit this webpage or get a copy of Unlocked which also provides advice to manage your alignment. Click here >>>

But let’s be realistic. Bad habits can creep in and some of the things you might have to do as part of your working day are not conducive to good physical health. Our bodies are simply not designed to withstand some of the forces that we put them under. So while I can help you regain your body’s peak performance, I can’t always prevent you from damaging it again. However, having experienced ABC once I think you’ll be happy to return for more.

Watch the video below to find out how Advanced BioStructural Correction helped Rob regain his performance following an injury caused by moving furniture: