Unfortunately for many people with chronic pain, the focus turns from treatment with the goal of a cure to a treatment designed to just help the patient manage their long term chronic pain.

Whether it’s pain medication or therapies that give short-term relief, chronic pain can feel like a life sentence when medical and wellbeing practitioners say there’s nothing more they can do.

Here at my Structural Correction Centre, I have met many people over the years in this position. In fact, I have treated them and helped them ‘manage’ chronic pain using traditional chiropractic techniques. Often patients will come for regular treatments to get temporary relief, combining manipulation with exercises and medication until both inevitably need to be ‘topped up’. While it’s still gratifying to be able to help alleviate pain for a short amount of time, it’s deeply frustrating that for some patients I’m unable to help further.

New treatments for your chronic pain

However, in recent years I have been able to do more. Following my own search for a cure for pain and stiffness caused by a sporting accident, I discovered a treatment that gives immediate relief and can reverse years of chronic pain.

Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC) goes against many of the principles of traditional chiropractic techniques, but has turned my life around and subsequently transformed the lives of many hundreds of my patients.

It’s all about aligning the areas of your body that can’t self-correct. That could be spinal manipulation to correct a misalignment because of an accident, like mine, or multiple areas of tension that have been accumulated over a lifetime.

The principle of ABC is that if your bones are out of alignment in a direction that your body cannot self-correct, it’s going to cause pain and stress in other areas as the body compensates for the misalignment. That shouldn’t be a revolutionary concept! However, it is for many people including some in the chiropractic industry. That’s because most other treatments are designed to just get manipulate stiff joints and get them moving again or to loosen tight muscles. Heres the key point, those symptoms are created at the point so compensations where everything is stiff and locked up, not at the source of the original misalignment. This is no small detail because this ‘traditional approach’ to treating the body leaves it imbalanced, and it now has to recreate the compensation to get stable again, which is why the pain and stiffness return! Very frustrating for the patient. 

Advanced BioStructrual Correction is generally carried out standing up so the body is in a dynamic, active position, and so we can work with the effects of gravity on the skeleton. Over a relatively short period of time, we unlock areas of tension and pain by realigning the mechanics of the body so it can function as it’s designed to do.

Sometimes, in the process,  patients ‘revisit’ former injuries as these areas are unlocked. This can cause temporary discomfort but also highlights how the body has been ‘managing’ these issues, often for years, which may all contribute to your chronic pain. Bit by bit misalignments are corrected the pain erased and people report feeling and moving like they did 10, 20 even 30 years previously. 

Ultimately Advanced BioStructural Correction is not a treatment for ‘managing’ pain but giving long term relief so you can live pain-free. My experience of the treatment was so transformational that I’ve trained as an Advanced Biostructural Correction practitioner and have written a book about my experience!

To find out how this ABC could help your chronic pain, watch the video below with a first-hand account of how it transformed Charlie’s life:

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If you want to learn more about Advanced BioStructural Correction my book Unlocked provides a deeper delve into the science and shares of how it’s helped many people restore their health, including me. Click here for details >>>

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