Before I give you the good news, it’s traditional to give you the bad news first!

I have found that there is….

no stretch

no exercise

no drug

no medication

no supplement 

no blood test 

no equipment or gizmo

no app

no biohacking tool 

no sage advice

…that can fix your posture and give you your total structural health back.

And that’s annoying! 

I wish there were some easy solutions because, after a significant snowboarding accident in 2010, I spent years researching many different therapies and approaches to solving pain.

I did all the exercises. I strengthened and lengthened, tractioned, took supplements, changed my diet, had all manner of chiropractic, physio and osteopathic treatments and turned my home into a red light therapy, sauna bathing, biohackers paradise.

None of these approaches worked long term, even though many would give promising initial improvements.

I was desperate to get my pain-free, flexible and robust body back.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs reduce pain but do nothing for the actual problem.

Both types of drugs are a massive cause of sickness and death every year.

So long-term medication use is a risky way to tackle your pain.

Unfortunately, many people are popping these things daily thinking that they’re safe…they’re not! (but are OK for some people on as a short term form of relief)

Now, as promised, here’s the VERY good news…

After these years of research, I uncovered a consistentpredictable, and highly effective method to treat injuries, resolve pain and correct posture.

This cutting-edge treatment, known as Structural Correction, uses deep stretches to break down the scar tissue inside your frame that is keeping you stuck.

No other health technology can do this, so it is a substantial technical advancement.

After the stretches, we gently “correct” your frame back towards the correct position with specific, skilled joint manipulations.

The treatment does not take long and is painless. The effect is immediate and often dramatic.

You will notice:

Your posture pop up 

You will breathe deeper

You will feel lighter

You will move better

You will not be able to slump

You will look visibly better in the mirror

Your shoulders will be down and back without effort. 

In short… your body will hold its self effortlessly upright, without you needing to try.

No other approach can achieve that.

Each visit changes your posture a small amount. As the changes add up, your body will regain alignment and stability.

You will notice considerable improvements in how you feel in your body and mind, how your body looks in the mirror and how you move athletically through your day.

We have found that there is no restriction based on your age or goal. Because we are working with the fundamentals of human biomechanics, the Structural Correction Method to any body type, size or shape.

Because this is a new technology in the UK, there are presently few highly trained practitioners available, and Spinecentral is one of a small number of clinics that specialise in it.

Anyone can improve as long as the underlying problem is physical injury to the frame, as we described previously.

For most people plagued with chronic pain, injuries and poor posture, these mechanical injuries are precisely the cause — learn about them in this video.

And this is excellent news because there is now a way to recover your structural health and start to feel like the old (younger) you again.

Suppose someone’s pain is caused by pathologies such as cancer, infection, fracture or diabetes (or the like).In that case, Structural Correction is not going to help. Our practitioners are medically trained in the diagnosis of pain and can screen out and refer any instances of suspected pathology for further tests. (You are in very safe hands with us)

The first step to recovering your structural health is to undergo a Biostructural Assessment at our Centre in Hampton, London.

This is a detailed and thorough initial consultation and examination process that will uncover the cause of your symptoms.

We follow that up with a full report of our findings and explain everything to you before starting care. We promise that if we are not 100% sure that we can help you, that we’ll refer you onwards to where you need to go.

We are the alternative to a chiropractor in London that you have been looking for. Get in touch today to see how we could transform your life too.