Are you in mourning for your younger body? Join the club! When you reach a certain age it’s harder to shift the extra pounds, gravity begins to make itself known and your life experience is written on your body.

Those of us in our 30s, 40s and 50s may feel resigned to never regaining our youthful figure and performance. We can’t reverse years of wear and tear, childbearing, the impact of being a parent (bad back anyone?) and bad habits. However, while we can’t be 20 again there are ways to look and feel better. Correcting your posture and alignment is one of them, here I’ll explain why it works and how to get your younger body back.

Good Posture Makes You Look Great!

Do you have a bit of a tummy? One thing that many of my clients are self-conscious about is their abdominal pooches. Whether it’s the result of pregnancy, loss of core condition or over-indulgence lots of people – even when they’re not overweight – find their belly sticks out.

This problem is often caused by misalignment of the lower back and pelvis, which in turn is commonly caused by sitting for long hours and other stresses of modern-day living. Slouching causes the spine to curve forwards forcing the abdomen outwards. You’ll probably also have tight hip flexors and hamstrings, as well as weak abdominal muscles because that’s the typical structural pattern which follows this classic misalignment condition. 

While strengthening your core and exercising those stomach muscles will help, correcting you posture and learning to stand and sit correctly can give you a tummy tuck without the surgery! In fact, all those hips, bums and tums workouts will have limited impact if you don’t address your posture as part of the solution.

Have a look at my advice for sitting well here to correct your posture, or get a copy of my book Unlocked for more detailed advice on achieving better posture and alignment – click here.

Correcting your posture won’t only help with a potbelly but also will have a slimming effect all over. Of course, it won’t remove excess weight but it will make your current shape look better. And, as yo

u will learn below, correcting your alignment will also improve the performance of your muscles and joints (helping them work as they should) which can have an impact on weight loss and your physical health. There is nothing more demotivating to your exercise regime than a stiff painful body which complains after a workout. Equally, one of the great secrets to getting into great shape and staying healthy long term is to first build a robust body structure that can withstand the physical stress of exercise and regular movement.

Good Alignment Makes You Feel Great

Alignment is important. It’s not the same as posture. When we think of good posture we think of someone standing tall with shoulders back, tummy tucked in and chest out. Most of us can correct our posture to assume this ideal, but can we hold it?

That’s where alignment comes in. If our bodies are correctly aligned we can hold the right posture (the way we are designed to stand, sit, squat and lie) without thinking about it. As a result, all the mechanics of our body are able to work at their optimum level, without causing any stress.

If you find standing in the supermarket checkout queue painful, it’s probably because of tension in your body because you’re alignment isn’t correct. Bones that have been forced out of alignment lead to weak or over tight muscles which put pressure on spinal joints and ultimately cause pain or injury.

When your body is correctly aligned everything works as it should, not only helping you to stand and sit up straight, but also getting rid of all those aches, pains and stiffness. You may also find you breathe easier and this all improves your performance. You’ll be able to get more out of your gym classes and see better results, and be able to trust your body to do what it’s supposed to without causing you pain.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to correct your own posture and alignment by forcing your body into the ‘perfect posture’ position. Doing so actually creates more stress on your body’s mechanics as your poorly aligned muscles, joints, ligaments and bones try to assume a position they’re not accustomed to. You may also notice that when you force yourself to hold a better posture it’s tiring and can even reduce the effectiveness of your breathing.

Help Getting Your Younger Feeling Body Back!

Advanced Biostructural Correction can help. This advanced approach to postural correction adjusts the alignment of your body in areas where it can’t correct itself. For example, if your spine curves too far forwards it’s not possible to self-correct it in a backwards direction because there are no correlating muscles to pull it into place –feel your vertebrae on your back, there are no muscles there.

Advanced Biostructural Correction, which is our expertise at Spinecentral, progressively unwinds your body and unlocks each area of stress and tension, correcting your alignment without your body overcompensating in other areas. You can read more about how ABC helped me regain my performance after a major snowboarding accident in my book Unlocked.

The effects of this treatment are also long-lasting, provided you don’t undo all the good work by adopting other bad habits! In my experience patients who commit to the programme don’t have to visit their chiropractor again and again to maintain the benefits. Once you’re realigned and it’s become embedded you should find that you can maintain your alignment and good posture by yourself. A huge part of what we do at Spinecentral is centred upon teaching you exactly what to do (and what not to do!) at home to protect and strengthen your body long-term.

If pain and injuries have been holding you back from an active lifestyle, you should also find you go from strength-to-strength as your body allows you to exercise, lose weight and all the other things you’ve been struggling to do. In fact, when your body works well mechanically, you can just get on with doing whatever you like to do, without putting ant special attention on your body. 

Contrary to popular belief, when your body works well you don’t feel amazing. You don’t reach a perpetual state of euphoria or bliss. You simply do not notice your body, there is no pain, stiffness or restriction as it faithfully supports you throughout your days.

Find out how ABC can transform your body and lifestyle by watching the videos on this page. You’ll be amazed at some of the results.

I’m always keen to understand better the challenges people face with ‘maturing’ bodies. So if you would like to share your story, thoughts or advice please comment below. I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Yours in health


Richard Gliddon DC
Doctor of Chiropractic
Advanced Level 3 ABC Practitioner
President of the Association of Advanced Biostructural Correction Europe
Author of Unlocked
Creator of Wake Up Wellness Home Study Program