Back to Back: How Do I Know if My Back Pain Is Serious?

Want to stop researching: how do I know if my back pain is serious? If so, take a look at what you should know right here!

Have you been experiencing back pain for the past few days and wondering if there’s something worse going on that you should get checked out by a professional? As 16 million adults (8% of the adult population) experience chronic or persistent back pain, it might seem that it’s something you just have to live with.

You might ignore it, even if you think to yourself, ‘My back pain is getting unbearable.’ But at a certain point, you need to start thinking about consulting a chiropractor. This is especially true if the factors below are true. Keep reading to learn more.

There Are Two Types of Back Pain

Just to recap, there are two types of back pain to take into account. Firstly, there’s the acute pain that comes in suddenly but is temporary. For example, you might have picked up something heavy without bracing yourself properly or you might have exercised a bit more strenuously than normal. This might result in acute back pain. After some proper rest, you will feel better again.

The second type is chronic back pain (this is the one 8% of adults suffer from). Unfortunately, chronic back pain is quite serious because it can actually affect your health, mobility, and quality of life for a long time to come. It comes on gradually and can stick around for 6 weeks or more. It also comes and goes, which means that you never know when another episode might crop up.

There are many contributors to chronic back pain, but muscle deconditioning is the biggest one (your back lacks strength and stability due to sitting at a desk for too long, not exercising enough, and wear and tear due to aging).

How Do You Know if Your Back Pain Is Serious?

There are some scenarios where you should get your back pain checked out by a professional because it’s not something that will go away on its own. Some factors to watch out for are:

  • A sudden spike in numbness or pain
  • Loss of bladder function
  • Sudden and unexplainable weight loss
  • A high fever
  • Stomach pain
  • Pain due to a fall or a severe blow to your back

If you are thinking of ignoring these symptoms, don’t! Get your back checked out by a professional right away, so they can help you figure out exactly what your steps should be (this is especially true if you have ‘pain in my back right side’ or ‘pain in my back left side’, which could indicate something wrong with your kidneys).

‘My Back Pain’ – Deal With It Appropriately

‘Ah, my back pain.’ If this is a common refrain in your life, then consulting with a spine care specialist or an Advanced Biostructural Correction Specialist (an alternative to a traditional chiropractor) is definitely the first step to take. Don’t procrastinate on this anymore. The faster you can deal with the underlying condition causing your back pain, the faster you can get to a better quality of life.

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