How to Heal Your Nagging Symptoms, Restore Your Vitality, and Maintain Well-Being for Life

(Even if you have been weighed down by illness or diagnostic labels for years)
It’s Time To Take Charge Of Your Health
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What If You Could Finally Take Charge Of Your Health and Eradicate Those Nagging Symptoms That are Weighing You Down?

Raise your energy, ease your pain, sleep better, strengthen your body, achieve a healthy weight, a happier tummy and a brighter mood


Are the side effects of out of control lifestyle stress holding you back and getting worse with time?

Low energy, fatigue and sluggishness

Moodiness, brain fog, anxiety, and emotional stress

Indigestion, bloating and stomach troubles

Painful stiff joints, poor posture, weak frame and recurring injuries

Poor quality sleep and insomnia

Symptoms are Signs of Stressed Biology that is No Longer in Natural Balance

You Are Designed To Be Healthy?

There is a science to health and the Wake Up Wellness Program unlocks that science and turns it into practical wisdom inside of you and your families lives.

It wakes you up to the reality that you have almost complete control of your health, both now and into the future.

Restore – Regardless of what you may be suffering from, your body has the potential to heal and regain control when your lifestyle is adjusted into alignment with your genetic health blueprint.

Regain – the lifestyle factors that allow you to heal from illness are the same ones that allow your body to work at its best.

Sustain – Life is meant to be lived well all the way through.

360 Degrees Of Health

An absence of symptoms is not the modern definition of good health.

Why just be good when you could be great? The Wake Up Wellness Program will lead you into the rare-air condition of well-rounded well-being

  • Robust Immunity
  • Vibrant Energy
  • Optimal Weight
  • Sharp Clear Mind
  • Robust Physical Body
  • Flexible Pain-Free Movement
  • Stable Good Mood
  • Resilience to Stress
  • Bounce-back-ability
  • High Self-Esteem
  • Enhanced Athleticism
  • Faster Recovery
  • The list goes on….

These positive ‘symptoms’ are nothing more than the ’side effects’ of good health.

Look At The Difference A few minutes A Day with a few Key Habits Can Make to Living a Healthier, More Energetic & Productive Life

Regardless of where you are at on the continuum of health… whether you’ve been chronically sick for years or just haven’t been feeling your normal self lately, imagine for a moment…

  • Having a strong upright frame and flexible pain-free joints that support you in all that you do
  • Fitting into the same sized clothes year after year – no more stepping up in sizes!
  • Having your mind alert and focus without the need for coffee or other stimulants
  • Waking up feeling refreshed because you’ve slept soundly all the way through
  • Having a cast iron digestion and be no longer plagued by heartburn or bloating.
  • Feeling calm within yourself, much better able to handle the emotional stress and rollercoaster of life
  • Getting more done every day as a result
  • Being resilient to coughs and colds when those around all seem to succumb
  • Being able to live a life free of medication long term with a clean detoxified body and mind
  • Have the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that you have got your health under control and that you can easily sustain this new lifestyle into your very bright future.

Access The Program That Will Transform You

Wake Up Wellness Works

Because It Is Based Aligning Your Lifestyle With Your Genetic Blueprint For Health…And It Is BackedUp by Modern Science

This program is based on restoring your environment to what your ‘ genes’ are expecting in order to support you with internal conditions of optimal health. It is a complete biological ‘systemreset’ so that it can heal itself and sustain peak performance.


Heal your gut and nourish your cells with the right nutrients.


Balanced your blood sugars and recharge your cellular energy factories.


Be able to deflate your emotional stress at will and actively eliminate its triggers.


Learn a multi-pronged approach for well-rounded fitness.


Reduce toxic burden and maintain healthy liver function.


Consistently sleep deeply, soundly and sufficiently to heal and boost brainpower.


Reduce inflammation and regain healthy flexible joints.


Make healthy choices with ease as this becomes a new way of life.


Shield yourself from the pandemic of stresses and toxins that blanket the modern world.

And Then There’s The Real Wins

The Reason This ‘Wellness Work’ Even Matters


When you feel great, you show up as the best version of you


Clear, calm minds and energised bodies have better thoughts and get more done


Experience an elevated joy in movement and exercise when you have deep confidence in the robustness of your body


You are relaxed about your health, knowing what to do, why it matters and how to sustain results without strain

Are You Concerned About Where Your Current Trajectory Is Taking Your Future Health

All of nature is designed to Live Long and Die Short. To thrive with a high level of function and then pass on swiftly through old age.

The trouble is, modern life has created the opposite scenario.

Many now Live Short and Die Long.

The stress of the modern world and out of balance biology leaves people short windows of being optimal and long windows of being chronically unwell.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

Stack The Deck In Your Favour

There are no absolute certainties in health.

But the science is clear. The number one determining factor of your quality and quantity of life is your lifestyle and how you to chose to handle it daily.

The Steps You Take Inside The WUW Program

  1. Heal Your Body and Free Your Mind Of Nagging Symptoms
  2. Optimise Your Experience And Potential In the Present
  3. Significantly Increase Your Chances Of Living Long By Avoiding Chronic Illness

The Solution is So Simple, You Could Doubt That It Works.

Every day in my practice, I see patients take control of their health. I’ve seen thousands of people regain their health, heal from significant chronic conditions and sustain their progress long-term.

Here’s the challenge

  • This work is not ‘shiny object stuff’, it is not particularly sexy, nor is a collection of distracting and fashionable ‘biohacking tricks’
  • It costs very little to implement. Which means big industries (including medicine, Pharma and food industries) have little reason to invest in it.
  • There are no magic pills, fad or crash diets, or newly discovered superfoods to be taking.
  • Results cannot be given to you, they must be earned
  • Which means you need to take action to regain your health
  • The daily actions are, in themselves, so simple they are easy to overlook.


Take back your health in just, 3 Modules and 12 lessons that dive into the four simple strategies.

Introducing Wake Up Wellness – my deep dive, lifestyle-driven online program for taking back your health and living your best life

Module 1: AWAKEN

Here we are going to do the foundational work that makes all the difference to your long term results

Primarily this is about how to think about health

It upgrades your belief system for what you believe is possible to achieve

It anchors you in certainty around the science that supports health

And reveals the number 1 factor driving both the quality and quantity of your life

Module 2 – AUTOMATE

This module will teach you how to practically apply the tools and skills of health creation inside of the 4 core areas of your lifestyle

Each is a vital spoke on the wheel of health

Each strategy can in themselves be highly complex and consume much of your time.

Thankfully, there are core habits and key principles inside of each category that operates as the small hinges that swing the big door of health.

You will become highly trained on the whole framework that turns the wheel of heath and have a laser-like focus on the few key actions that create the results you are seeking.

(These are the 4 categories to build out)

You will get to practically put all of this into play with a 2 Week Reboot Program included as a bonus

FEED – (Eat Well)

Few topics in life are as ‘loaded’ as nutrition. You might as well be talking about politics or religion because there are so many contrasting and divided opinions.

Here, you are going to learn about common sense, science-backed, flexible approach to eating as your ancestors did.

  • You will learn the ‘rules’ of food so that you can make sense of all the various ‘fad diets’ and shopping choices that confront you.
  • You will learn about nutrient density and how to fuel yourself with the right kinds of foods.
  • You will learn how to structure a healthy meal and some simple habits that will quickly upgrade your nutritional status.
  • The essential and often misunderstood topic of supplementation will become clear, and you will learn about essential nutrients which you cannot be healthy without.
  • This topic goes deep and will have an upgraded and ever-green understanding of nutrition that will serve you for life.
  • You will also learn core habits that make winning in this category easy and automatic.

MOVE – (Exercise Well)

It is possible to be Olympic level fit, yet at the same time be terribly unhealthy. Exercise is a double-edged sword that both builds us up and breaks us down.

Here, you’re going to learn how to do exercise in a way that builds you up and doesn’t involve hours of teeth clenching struggle.

  • You will learn the 4 key types of exercise
  • The jaw-dropping science of exercise and movement and what it does do for your health
  • You will be given the simple daily power habit that will set you free in this core area

The MOVE section of the program will equip you with the mindsets and skillsets to awaken your inner athlete and take charge of this crucial spoke on the wheel of health.

RENEW (Think Well)

Chronic emotional stress and fast-paced modern lifestyles are causing your candle to get burned at both ends.

This is a problem of pandemic proportions and it is one of the primary drivers of chronic poor health and chronic disease.

  • The science of what stress actually does to your body beneath the surface
  • Why stress is actually serving you
  • Why many of the symptoms and health problems that modern man faces are actually diseases of adaptation driven by the fundamental problem of stress
  • You will learn several simple strategies that allow you to tackle stress head on
  • You will become masterful in the art and science of deliberate daily renewal.

So few people truly understand stress, fewer yet ever get a handle on it. With the principles, science and tools taught in this section, you are going to on a path to truly mastering your stress long-term.

AWAKEN (Strong Bodies and High Functioning Nervous System)

Structural and neurological health is arguably the most overlooked area in health care, largely because it is so misunderstood and therefore, under-appreciated.

Yet your body structure, which is all of the bones and joints that make up your skeletal frame is a crucial system in your body. Just like the respiratory system, the digestive system or the cardiovascular system.

  • You will learn why alignment affects your posture and your neurology
  • How good alignment and regular movement improve brain function
  • How regaining structural health is a vital weapon in the war against stress
  • Simple exercises and routines that will lead to a stronger back, more upright posture, greater flexibility, fewer pains and fewer injuries.

Structural health is a secret weapon in the quest for health. You are going to learn how to take advantage of this and appreciate on a new deep and profound level just how interconnected your body and lifestyle are.


This module will give you a complete yet straightforward lifestyle system that will accelerate your progress and results to the level of extraordinary.

Rare-air success across the board

How you handle your life and the level of health you attain are linked by invisible bonds. You will, possibly for the first time, learn to see those connections between your health and your life.

The path to health mastery shares the same road as the path to life-mastery.

BONUS – The 14 Day Reboot

This is a complete lifestyle reset takes you through a step by step daily approach to applying the tools and principles taught in this program.

You will have complete access to a crystal clear blueprint on living the Wellness-Way.

  • 1-Click Daily action plans
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Shopping Guides
  • Equipment Guides
  • Delicious Meal Plans
  • Exercise Plans
  • Exercise Video Demonstrations
  • Precise Supplement Guides
  • Multiple Relaxation Tools
  • Stress Relieving Meditation Audio
  • Tracking Systems
  • Deep Dive Audio Training
  • Detailed Video Training
  • Summary Core Action Guides
  • Core 4 Habit System

Within just 2 weeks, you will be feeling better than you have in years, healing on a deep cellular level and clear on how to do the work of wellness in your life.

How Does It Work?

The program has 3 core modules designed to consumed over 12 weeks, with 1 lesson per week. You can, however, go through it at whatever pace you desire.

Weeks 1-4


Learn the science of health creation and the mindsets and belief system that will ensure your long term success. This is covered in 4 deep dive audio sessions, 4 key action guides and practical exercises to complete after the lesson.

You will also begin taking key steps to reduce the burden of stress and toxins in your body in preparation for the 2 Week Reboot. Learn More

Weeks 5-8


This is where the course gets practical. You will be given deep training in the 4 core areas of health as well as practical action guides. During this phase of the course, you will be supported and guided through completing the powerful 14 Week Reboot challenge. This is a complete biological reset and will have you feeling better than you have in years with lots of momentum to carry you onwards. Learn More

Weeks 9-12


Here you are going to learn how to think about your health from a far greater perspective, discovering how the way you lead your life is the primary overriding factor that determines your quality of health. I will introduce you to the challenge based lifestyle and a system that you can use to ensure you continue to grow and become more in your health and life. Learn More

Begin The Program That Will Change Your Life And The Way You Look At Health Forever

Don’t delay on your future.

Regardless of where you are, today, you have the opportunity to start moving in a new trajectory that can take you to an entirely better destination with your health.

Once you sign up, you will have immediate access to begin the course, today! You can progress at your own pace.

Don’t spend another year settling for subpar health and the slow slide toward future chronic illness. Take control and make this your best year yet by learning to do the “work of wellness’, the work that matters and living the Wellness Way, today!