You can start rebuilding a healthy pain-free and upright body today. 

If you have chronic pain or persistent injuries you are probably wondering

  • Which practitioner do I need to see? My GP or a chiropractic doctor, physiotherapist or osteopath?
  • What is actually wrong my body? What is the diagnosis of my pain/injury?
  • What do I need to do to fix this properly?
  • How much better can I get and how long would that take?
  • What should I be doing at home to help myself and prevent future problems?

Our job is to help you find the answers. Firstly you’ll acquire a deep understanding of your current condition, and why you have the pain, you are experiencing. You will learn precisely what is required to correct your injuries, posture and lifestyle so that the problem can heal and stay away in the future.

Let’s assess the health your joints, muscles and posture and diagnose the route cause of the problem, quickly

Getting a fast, accurate diagnosis or your issue is the first step that holds the key to regaining the pain-free and flexible body you used to have.

At Spinecentral we have a comprehensive 2 part process that ensures you are in the right place to get the care that you need.

1. Consultation

This is a 45-60 minute appointment where we uncover the cause of your pain or injury. Typically it involves:

  • A comprehensive case history
  • A comprehensive spinal examination
  • Functional neurological muscle strength testing
  • Digital x-rays analysis (if required)
  • Digital posture analysis

2. Report

Once your results have been studied, we compile a report and feed your results back to you on your second visit. We cover:

  • What’s wrong?
  • What can be done to heal it?
  • How long it will take?
  • How much it will cost?

Give Us Just 45 Minutes, And We’ll Get You On The Road To A Pain-Free Life

How To Get Started With Care At SpineCentral

If you are ready to start the journey with us then head over to our consultation application page and fill out your details. We’ll take care of the rest!

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Learning More About How We Work

We have several resources which you can explore to learn more about our unique approach and method called Structural Correction

What is ABC? – An informative page on our website

Richard Gliddon’s latest book, “Unlocked: Release your peak potential and rebuild a body that’s future-proof” is available on Amazon, and is a great way to be fully informed on how to regain your structural health.

A Free 4-Part Video series revealing: “How to Fix Your Physical Pain and Injuries, once and for all, WITHOUT DRUGS, SURGERY, INJECTIONS, or HOURS OF ENDLESS EXERCISES is another good place to begin.

Our blog is also regularly updated with relevant information to solving problems around pain, injury, posture and overall health.

Exploring Lifestyle Wellness Solutions

Helping Yourself At Home

There are four key areas to focus on at home that help your posture and alignment the most. Most people are unknowingly making mistakes in these areas which is causing their bodies to break down on a daily basis. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to correct these mistakes.

Sitting advice
Sleeping advice
Standing advice
Spinal hygiene advice

Explore Lifestyle Health Solutions

We have 2 more options for you to help yourself at home

Wake Up Wellness Online – Is a comprehensive home study program designed to help you truly master your health. You can learn how to heal your nagging symptoms, restore your vitality, and maintain well-being for life.
Futureproofed You – Is the “lite” free version of Wake Up Wellness that teaches the 4 Core health habits that everyone should master.


Do You Have Questions & Want to Know More?

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