Our Structural Correction Method

We currently have three Chiropractors who consult at Spinecentral (Richard Gliddon, David Harvey and Anonia Mills)

Each have trained and gained a high level of expertise in multiple different techniques and approaches. 

Over the years we have synthesised the best parts of many different chiropractic techniques and systems into one integrated and sophisticated approach known as Structural Correction (or ABC™ for short).

Traditionally chiropractors use lying down spinal adjusting techniques to correct joint alignment and movement.

Our chiropractors and practitioners utilise a different method. We use a biomechanically specific adjusting technique that works to restore poor alignment caused by the effects of accidents and gravity on the body. You can read more about the specifics of how ABC™ works here

This approach is very different from what you may have come to expect from previous visits to a chiropractor.Typically our adjustments (manipulations) are carried out in the standing position to ‘lift’ the bones back into their ideal stacked position.

Treating misalignments this way restores posture, alignment and balance. You can typically notice these improvements even after just one session.Structural correction adjustments are gentle and feel like you have been ‘squeezed and lifted up’ as they are performed.

People of any age or size can use this unique treatment methodology of care.

Other Practioners At Our Centre 

ABC™ is not a chiropractic technique per se, rather it is a new, advanced method of body structure correction. ABC™ can be learned, mastered and practiced by practioners from a wide variety of training backgrounds. There are ABC™ in the UK and Worldwide who have their original training in other alternative medical professions like sports therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and even dentistry. 

At Spinecentral we currently have an ABC™ practitioner who was originally trained as a Sports Therapist before she discovered the benefits of ABC™ and decided to retrain and change the direction of her career. Her name is Isla Gibb.