Our Patient Complaint Procedure

We are very proud of the high-quality care that we provide at Spinecentral and the relationships that have with our patients. We place the health, well-being and interests of our patients above all else.

In the rare event that something has gone wrong or you feel aggrieved and wish to complain about our service, please let us know straight away.  We are always seeking to improve and feedback is crucial to the process of becoming better. All feedback is welcomed.

Here is our practice complaints procedure to help any issue you have to be resolved quickly.

How To Complain Step 1

The first step is to please alert the practice owner, Richard Gliddon as soon as possible, preferably within one or two days to enable us to get on top of the matter quickly. Once we have your complaint in writing we will do whatever we can to resolve it promptly for you. Please be as specific as possible so that we can investigate any complaint fully.

Complaints of any description should be addressed to

Ms Deborah Christou, SpineCentral Lt, 29 Ashley Road, Hampton, TW12 2JA.

Alternative you could send an email to:


We will acknowledge the receipt of a complaint within 2 working days and provide you with our response. If it is required we will make ourselves available for a face to face meeting within ten working days.

Complaining On Behalf Of Someone Else

In this instance, we would require written authorisation from you that explains your desire and consent for another person to complain on your behalf.

How To Complain Step 2

If you wish to make your complaint known to an authority outside of the SpineCentral company then please get in touch with our professional association. They handle all aspects involving insurance or malpractice.

You may contact Ms Morag Cairns, The Scottish Chiropractic Association, The Old Barn, Houston Rd, Bishopton PA6 7BH. Tel 0141 404 0260. Email admin@sca-chiropractic.org.

How To Complain Step 3

If your complaint remains unresolved as a final resort you may consider taking your complaint to chiropractic profession’s statutory regulator, the General Chiropractic Council. Here are their contact details.

General Chiropractic Council,

Park House, 186 Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4BT

Tel: 020 7713 5155

E.Mail enquiries@gcc-uk.org.


We sincerely hope that no complaint would ever make it this far. We are here to help and eager to resolve any complaints in-house, at step 1, as quickly as possible to your full satisfaction.


Yours in health,

Richard Gliddon, DC

Registered Chiropractor

Owner SpineCenetral