SpineCentral is unique because we have developed and refined a revolutionary approach to restoring human bodies back to their best. Most chiropractic centres are one dimensional in the way in which they operate. We are different. We have a truly holistic approach that encapsulates and addresses the key factors that control your health, posture and performance.

We Use A Groundbreaking Method

We are among the first UK practices to use the revolutionary chiropractic technique known as Advanced Biostructural Correction™ (ABC). ABC works by removing mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular and other soft tissue structures so that the body can self-correct and get back to a naturally balanced state. You will see long-term results from your treatments as your structure returns to its ideal alignment.

We Address Your Unique Problems

We are also among one of the very few practices in the UK with an in-depth knowledge of Applied Kinesiology (AK). AK is a state of the art system of muscles testing that allows for a detailed understanding of the bodies function. Strength is a fundamental component of health and AK allows the practitioner to uncover weaknesses and their cause. This allows us to help address and correct deeper blockages to the healing process, such as:

  • Old unhealed injuries
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Craniosacral system imbalances
  • Issues with detoxification
  • Digestive difficulties
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Inflammation
  • and much more

These deeper issues are very often overlooked in the chiropractic profession and addressing them is key to achieving lasting health and a pain-free body. A cooky cutter approach to health will not work with everyone.

We Teach You About the Most Important Aspect Of Health: Lifestyle

No matter which way you look at it, the best science of today points towards lifestyle as the number one determinator of your quality and quantity of life. All roads lead to lifestyle. This is why it is so critical to understand the science and best practices around how to live a healthy lifestyle. Mastering this over time will take you to a place that few people these days ever reach: real and complete wellness. A state of health where all of your bodies systems are working to their highest potential. Reaching this requires that we each take full responsibility for the ways in which we EAT, MOVE and THINK.

Our lifestyle programs are designed to help you easily understand and apply this modern science of lifestyle wellness in your life.

We Inspire, Mentor and Coach Those Who Desire Mastery

Our top level program is called The FutureProofed You, and it is designed to help the most driven and passionate people to reach their highest potential in health and life. It is much harder to master your health if your life is not working well. It is even more difficult to master your life if you lack in health. And so The FutureProofed You is designed to help you to reach your highest potential and master a lifestyle system that allows you to truly ‘have it all’ in your lie.

Regardless of whether or not you decide if this is right for you, each of our chiropractors is a passionate advocate and role model for this way of life. This energy and enthusiasm cannot help but rub off on most.

We Take Your Progress Seriously

From your first appointment, we start taking a series of photographs and digital neurological scans that track your journey through structural correction. You will be able to see, as well as feel the physical changes taking place in your body. This will provide you with the assurance that you are heading towards to your goals.

Our Care Plans Are Bespoke To You

No two clients are alike, and that’s why every personalised treatment plan we develop is different. We’ll construct a plan that is responsive to your lifestyle and health care goals based on an overall picture of how you live.

We Can Give You Real Results

Perhaps you have experienced chiropractic treatment before, and the results were not as good as you expected. While all forms of chiropractic can be beneficial for the right patient, it’s highly unlikely you’ve experienced our groundbreaking ABC™ technique. Combined with our detailed knowledge and proficiency in Applied Kinesiology, custom tailored corrective care plans and lifestyle advice we’re confident you’ll start seeing positive changes in your body quickly.

You Take Charge of Your Health

Good chiropractic treatment shouldn’t end when your appointment finishes. We will teach you to incorporate improved posture and better health practices into your daily lifestyle.

We passionately believe that true health and performance is a LIFESTYLE and not something that simply begins and ends with each adjustment session. Our purpose is to arm you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to be able to progressively master your health through right living: looking after your posture and the ways that you eat, move and think.

We Are Family Friendly

Chiropractic is not just for adults. Imbalances in posture can begin from a very young age and as such all children can benefit greatly from chiropractic care as their bodies grow and develop. Our chiropractors at SpineCentral have a wealth of experience on working with children from as young as one day old.