No doubt you’ve heard someone tell you this little gem before;

stand up straight and pull your shoulders back!”


stop slumping, sit up straight!

These infamous orders, usually from someone with good intentions, certainly make you more aware of your posture, but do they help or do they in fact counterproductive?

Well, if you are anything like many of the patients I’ve met at Spinecentral, you may well have developed a strange guilt complex about the state of your posture.

Like somehow you should be doing better, or should have gotten it figured out by this stage of life.

Here’s the issue with trying to do better posture…

You can’t.

At least not in a meaningful, effective or lasting way.

And here’s why…

Posture is not what you do through effort, it is something that you are because of alignment.

The position that your body naturally falls into when you are relaxed is a direct, and often damning reflection of your alignment.

It is also influenced heavily by the furniture you are sitting, standing or lying on at the time.

This natural, relaxed position also happens to be the very best available position for your body in that moment, where your body can do the greatest number of things well given the internal and external conditions it is facing at the time.

Trying to shift or alter that by ‘correcting’ your posture simply adds further tension into your system, which hampers, rather than improves, your overall function.

There’s a simple experiment you can try to prove this theory on your own body.

Sit in a normal relaxed way, letting your body be however it wants to be.

Then take a deep breath in and note how it feels — its depth and ease of movement.

Now, sit up really straight and pull your shoulders down and back where they ‘should’ be.

Then breathe again and compare the quality of that breath to the one before.

What do you notice?

It’s less deep and your chest is noticeably more restricted, right?!

That’s because your chest is less functional since you added more mechanical stress into it by “sitting with good posture”.

So the moral of this email is simply this…give yourself a break!

You’ll never be able to condition yourself to sit and stand perfectly at all times.

And if you ever did manage to achieve this feat – you’d likely get nothing else done whatsoever as it would take up most of your mental bandwidth!

Your back would also be tight, achy and miserable.

This is also why posture braces, straps, and supports don’t work — they pull your bones into strained new positions; meanwhile, under the surface, your machine expects a different alignment, so it needs to reprogram the tension elsewhere in order to stay functional.

(Many people who buy these gadgets end up throwing them in the cupboard after a week or two. It soon becomes clear that not only do they not help, but your body all feels stiff and cumbersome when you wear them).

So, let your body go where it wants to go, and instead focus on making great choices with your shoes, pillows and sitting arrangements. That way, at least you won’t be making yourself worse.

If you are ready to make a significant, lasting improvement to your posture or know someone who is sick and tired of being stooped and achy, then our method of Structural Correction offers real practical help.

Here’s the key point to all of this:

When your alignment is corrected and optimised, you will naturally hold an ideal posture without even having to try. You will breathe deeply and effortlessly, and your human machine will work at its best.

This will benefit you in every aspect of your life from work to rest to play.

You can get a brand new body, one that you have complete confidence with and feel confident living in.

The only ‘trick’ to achieving this result is to work on the underlying mechanical issues (your alignment).

No encouraging command or gadget can ever help you on that deep level.

Our Structural Correction practitioners are the alternative to chiropractor London that you have been searching for. Apply for a Biostructural Assessment (consultation) today and begin your journey to a pain-free upright life.

In health,