Many people who suffer from chronic back pain have given up hope that they will ever experience a transformational change. Therapies and medication may alleviate some of the pain for some of the time, but often they only help manage the problem not cure it completely.

That’s what 29 year old Charlie was facing. She had suffered from back problems for almost 20 years, as well as digestive issues that were affecting the way she lived her life. When she discovered SpineCentral, her chronic back pain had become so severe it was impacting her ability to work, exercise and stay healthy.

I see many people like Charlie whose back problems and chronic pain are having a detrimental effect on the quality of their life. Many people with chronic back pain have difficulty sleeping, exercising and doing day-to-day activities, which can in turn play a role in the development of other physical problems as well as low mood, fatigue and depression.

Charlie’s chronic back pain was preventing her from doing the things she enjoyed, as well as her job as a chef. She was also worried about exacerbating the problem or triggering more pain, as a result, her lifestyle had become restricted and her general health was suffering.

I know first-hand how debilitating back pain can be. Following a snowboarding accident, resulting in two spinal compression fractures, I struggled with chronic pain which affected my ability to do my job and my energy levels and mood.

Fortunately for me, and for Charlie, I discovered Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC™). You can read about how I recovered and regained my body’s peak potential in my book Unlocked (grab a copy over on Amazon). 

To find out how Advanced BioStructural Correction has helped Charlie, read on:

How Advanced BioStructural Correction healed Charlie’s chronic back pain

Advanced BioStructural Correction is very different to anything a traditional chiropractor will do. In fact, for me as a chiropractor it goes against many of the principles I had learned and practiced during my professional life.

I embarked on Advanced BioStructural Correction because traditional chiropractic and other treatments weren’t helping. Often they delivered relief but the affects weren’t long lasting. Charlie, with 20 years of back problems, had also tried many therapies that hadn’t been able to offer a long term fix. 

The science behind Advanced BioStructural Correction is about aligning your entire body – not just treating the area that is causing problems. Posture is a dead give-away. In the photo below you can see how using ABC™ has corrected Charlie’s posture ensuring she stands tall. 


However, ABC™ is not just about correcting poor posture, it goes way beyond that. People with ‘good’ posture can still be plagued with aches, pain and stiffness. They may be able to sit and stand up straight, but not effortlessly. They can ‘hold’ good posture but when they relax or get distracted, they revert to slumping. 

Instead, alignment is what we’re after. Where the body functions effortlessly and works to the optimum. When the body’s alignment is correct, perfect posture follows. 

Taking this approach, we restore posture, alignment and balance so that the body can function as it’s designed. The result is that the mechanical function of all of your joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves work together as a single functioning system.

ABC™ is mind-blowing!

Advanced BioStructural Correction is transformational. When I first experienced it, on a chance visit to a chiropractor in Cape Town, the results were immediate and mind-blowing. After a ten-minute session, I was able to stand tall without any effort, my diaphragm started working again, and I could breathe deeply for the first time in years. 

Charlie experienced a similar mind-blowing result. She says, “the improvements have been incredible, I am a taller person, I stand up straight, I have control over my body and a lack of fear about doing things that I used to before.”

20 years of back pain has been healed simply by aligning the body so it works effectively. 

Of course, it’s not that simple. Many of my patients come to the office knowing their alignment is far from ideal and has been for a long time; they would love to fix it, but they’ve given up hope because they’ve already tried and failed too many times.

That’s because it’s not possible to correct your own alignment. Most exercises don’t take into account the whole body or how one area of the body could be impacting another. WIthout a deep understanding of biomechanics, it is quite easy to harm your alignment with your well intentioned efforts to self-stretch and strengthen your body.

ABC™ takes a truly holistic approach to ensure that corrections don’t adversely impact other parts of the body, and that the alignment is long-lasting. We don’t want the body to overcompensate to adjust to the correction. In fact, often the body requires alignment in areas that are not directly associated with the site of the pain. 

Long-lasting relief from chronic back pain

As someone who had explored other complementary therapies, pain relief and medical help, Charlie was wary of embarking on a treatment programme that didn’t offer long term benefits. She wanted a fix, not a way to manage her back pain and stomach problems.

Advanced BioStructural Correction offers this fix, although a commitment is needed to see the programme through. The promise of ABC™ is that, in most cases, you will get your life back. Things that you could do easily when you were younger that you can’t do now will, usually within three to six months, will be doable again with little effort.

In Charlie’s case, alignment has not only resolved her long term back problems but with a few simple nutrition and lifestyle changes recommended by our holistic practitioners also improved her digestive health too. Unsurprisingly, these issues were related and by ensuring her whole body functions as it’s designed we are able to help Charlie take back control of her health and wellbeing.

Please watch the video below to hear what Charlie has to say about her treatment.

Unlock your body’s potential

To learn more about Advanced BioStructural Correction and my personal journey from snowboarding accident to challenging everything I had practiced as a traditional chiropractor, read my book! It shares my story as well as how you can apply ABC™ to fundamentally change the issues that are causing you chronic pain, poor posture and performance problems.

Get your copy here.

ABC™ can help with most body structure pains, problems and injuries. If you would like to discover if ABC™ can help you with your chronic pain, poor posture, injury or other structural health problem then the first step is to fill out our application form and we will be in touch asap to let you know if we can help, and to schedule a consultation.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Are you suffering from chronic back pain and poor posture? What has or hasn’t worked from you in your pursuit of a cure? Tell me in the comments below:)